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Add or Remove Members Inside CampusKnot
Add or Remove Members Inside CampusKnot

Update your CampusKnot roster by adding or removing members before or after the add/drop date.

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This feature is great if you're updating your course member list after the add/drop date. Updating a member list is essential for maintaining accurate records, facilitating effective communication, and ensuring fair grading and attendance tracking.

Inside CampusKnot instructors and course administrators can remove students and colleagues from a CampusKnot course.

Start by selecting the 'Members' option located in the top left corner of your course screen.

Inside the 'Members' section ➡ select the 'Invite Member' icon.

Option 1: Upload an updated CSV file

Step 1: Download the latest course roster. This can be found inside your Learning Management System (Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.) or inside your Student Information System (SIS).

Step 2: Download a sample CSV. file from CampusKnot.

​Step 3: Copy from your latest roster list, your students' first and last names followed by their .edu email addresses. Once done, save your updated csv file.

Step 4: Inside CampusKnot, select the 'Browse Files' option and upload your newest csv file.

Step 5: Once you're ready, click 'Send'.

Step 6: Follow the steps inside this video ⬇️ to update your course by removing or adding new members to a class.

What happened in the video?

Inside the originally uploaded CSV file, there were five students [Vernie, James, Bettie, Alberto, and Alana]. Inside the updated CSV file, Ana was not present since she was no longer a part of the class, and eight additional students were added.

The CampusKnot Invite Member feature recognizes these changes and allows you to update your Member List with every new CSV uploaded.

First CSV File

Updated CSV File

Option 2: Manually remove users

Step 1: Hover over a user's name.

Step 2: A dustbin icon will show up 🗑️. Click on it.

Step 3: Inside the confirmation message, select 'Yes'.

Step 4: Refresh the page and check the 'Archived Members' column.

Don't forget: Users can be archived and unarchived by hovering over their names inside the Archived Members section or Members list.

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