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Download your CampusKnot Points
Download your CampusKnot Points

In this article we cover how to download points and import your points to your learning management system (LMS).

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The CampusKnot Point summary is the best place to get a pulse on the course's health while downloading students' points for the semester. Inside the Points feature, course administrators can find helpful information:

  • Course members

  • Points possible for each member

  • Course stats

Edit Points Weightage:

Inside the CampusKnot summary, you can customize the value of specific features. To edit the value, follow the steps in this video:

Download Points:

To download the points, select the 'Download' option inside the Points summary.

Inside the downloaded .xlx file, you will find:

  • Students' first name, last name, and email address

  • The final score (weighted) You can set up a final weighted score by following the steps here. Be aware that if you don't 'edit your weightage' inside the summary page, the final score (weighted) inside your .xlx file will be set to 0.

  • The final score (unweighted) is the total sum of all points set inside CampusKnot divided equally amongst each feature.

  • Points earned are the total number of points students could earn and our single numerical value indicates the number of points each student has earned over the course of the semester.

Migrate Points to your LMS:


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