Automated Emails
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There are some events that happen in CareSmartz that can trigger the system to automatically send an email that will come from a template that exists in the system. Below you will find a list of those emails and what prompts them to be sent

To see alerts and notifications that go to caregivers, click HERE

To see alerts and notifications that go to Clients, click HERE

To see alerts and notifications that go to Agency Users, click HERE

To see a full list of all alerts and notifications, click HERE


Who Receives It

What Prompts It


Caregivers/Agency Users/Client portal users

When you create a client, a caregiver, a payer, or an emergency contact, you can check a box in the profile and add the person's email address. Once you save the profile, the person will receive the registration email with the link to click to reset the password

Request for Available Schedules



Find Caregiver

Password Change

Caregiver/Agency User/Client Protal Users

Admin Settings>

User Management


The user selects the "forgot password" option from the login page

Schedule Calendar


Agency user accesses either the Client or the Caregiver Profile>Schedule and selects the email icon

Task Reminders

Agency User

Client/Caregiver Profile>

Task Creation

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