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Inbox - Manage received content
Inbox - Manage received content

Learn the actions you can do with content that you have received and how to make it available for your UGC widgets

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Cevoid's Content library consists of two parts
Library > Inbox
Where you review and manage the content you have received
Library > Approved posts

Where you can find all your approved content

This tutorial covers Library > Inbox. Please read this tutorial to learn how to work with your approved posts.

Once a post is approved, it's made available for Showcase sections, including UGC widgets.

Approve or remove received posts

No matter from where you have collected content, it will appear in your Inbox.
You must approve a post before it is available for your UGC widgets and other Showcase tools. This allows you to ensure that unwanted content is included in your marketing channels.

To approve or remove received posts:

  1. Navigate to Library > Inbox

  2. Find the post you want to review

    1. You can click on the post to find more details

  3. Click

    1. Approve to approve a post

    2. Click "X" to remove a post

  4. If you approve the post you will get the option to add product tags and labels to it

  5. Click Done once you are done with the post

    1. Approved posts can be found under Library > Approved posts

    2. Removed posts can be found under Library> Removed posts for 30 days. They will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

Add product tags and hotspots

Adding product tags to posts will add shoppable product tags to the post in your UGC widgets and make them available in the Product page gallery.

  1. Click the Shopping bag icon

  2. Search for the product you want to tag

  3. Click Add product

  4. Optional: Repeat step 2-3 to tag more products

  5. Click Done

  6. Option for images: Add hotspots that will be visible in your UGC widgets

This action can also be done from Library > Approved posts later on.

Add labels

With Labels, you can organize your content freely. Labels helps you categorize content, can be used as content source to UGC galleries, and as filters in your UGC galleries.

  1. Open the post, or Click the label icon

  2. Search for you label

    1. If it already exists, click it

    2. If it doesn't exists, click create label

  3. Repeat step 2 until you have added the labels you want to use for this post

  4. Done

This action can also be done from Library > Approved posts later on.

Add a comment to a post

Your brand can add a comment for each post which will be showcased next to the caption in the UGC widgets. These comments are a create opportunity to show appreciation (e.g. "We love this Image Erik!) or to add some additional image (e.g. Erik is wearing size Medium).

  1. Open the post

  2. Add your comment in the comments field

  3. Click Save

This action can also be done from Library > Approved posts later on

Hide caption from a post

You have the option to hide captions from specific posts, this is a recommended action if the caption includes e.g. a discount code.

  1. Open the post

  2. Click the eye icon, next to the caption

  3. Done

This action can also be done from Library > Approved posts later on

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