You should not share logins. Everyone who logs into your account should have their own login credentials. We don't charge for admin logins, so make sure every person in your office who logs into Chronotek has their own user account. It's easy to do. Here's how:

  1. Is this person in your employee list under List Maintenance, Employees? If not, go add them and set their Employee Access Level to at least Supervisor and their Mobile Access Level to at least Supervisor View Only.

  2. Now go to My Account, Admin Site Users and click on the user.

  3. To the right, set their Admin Access Level to Administrator or Manager (Admin has full access. Manager has access to all screens except those under My Account).

  4. Set the Mobile Access Level. This is for access to the app. If app access isn't to be given, leave it set to "No Mobile Access".   

  5. Save. 

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