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Need-To-Know Stats On the Supervisor App
Need-To-Know Stats On the Supervisor App

Essential information your field supervisors need to know is at the tip of their fingers

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Your field supervisors need information on the fly. The Chronotek supervisor mobile app provides vital, live information about their remote employees.

How Your Field Supervisors Monitor Their Remote Employees

The Chronotek supervisor mobile app provides essential information about the activity of your remote employees. The following list explains what supervisors can monitor on the app.

  • 24-hour window: See the last 12 hours and the next 12 hours. Who's on the clock (green lights), who worked, who was scheduled, and who is scheduled to work, along with any flagged alerts. 

  • Not At Job: The employee was GPS-tracked somewhere other than the job site. Go to Clock Locations to see a map of where your employee was when he clocked in.

  • Late Arrival: The employee clocked in late to a scheduled job. 

  • No Show: The employee didn't clock into a scheduled job. This flag can change to Late Arrival if the employee does clock in late.

  • Denied: The employee had location services disabled. We pop up a message to employees letting them know that location services are off. They can turn them on or cancel the message and proceed to clock in. See the second screenshot below.

Workforce Stats informs your field supervisors of the actions that need to be taken. You may need to send a message to an employee to ask why she was late or to tell him to turn on location services. You can use our app for that, too. Check out this article on in-app messaging. 

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