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Civic Champs Term Glossary
Civic Champs Term Glossary
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  • .CSV File - A comma-separated values file. It is the format in which volunteer mass uploads are imported and how any data from the system exports or downloads to an Admin’s desktop.

  • Check-in - The start of a volunteer’s hour tracking for their shift, when they are at the location of their organization and are ready to begin volunteering. Check-in is when their hours start tracking in the system.

  • Check-out - The end of a volunteer’s hour tracking for their shift, when they have completed their time with the organization for the time being. The finished hours are now added to the Activity Log.

  • Dashboard - The “landing page” of the Admin Portal that only Admins have access to.

  • Date Picker - A tool that allows an Admin to choose specific date ranges for filtering and exporting reasons.

  • Date Range - The duration of time in between two selected dates on the calendar.

  • Export - Download data from the platform and onto the user’s desktop or computer.

  • Filter - A tool used to refine search results.

  • Geofence - A virtual perimeter that is placed around a location so that volunteers can check in-and-out via their mobile app or the Kiosk.

  • Geofenced Location - A location with a permanent geofence that will remind a volunteer to check-in when they are close enough. This is typically a location that volunteers frequent, such as a ReStore, Shelter, or Admin Office.

  • Import - Upload information into the system from the user’s computer or desktop.

  • Iteration - The current version of a feature that is not necessarily finalized.

  • Kiosk - A feature used by Admins and/or Super Admins to have volunteers check-in and out from a desktop, laptop, iPad, or tablet, using internet connection.

  • Mobile app - The free Civic Champs app that volunteers can use to more easily track their hours and manage their events. It can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

  • Permissions - Determines what features in a user's phone that the Civic Champs mobile app has access to.

  • Preset - A set of options that are predetermined for the user.

  • Record - A collection of important information for a specific subject (volunteer information, the activity log, opportunities).

  • Register - From a volunteer’s end, sign up for an event and claim an opportunity or shift ahead of time.

  • Roles:

    • Champion - Any user (volunteer, donor) using the Civic Champs app or platform.

    • Admin - An individual who has access to Mobile Tracking and can log into the administrator dashboard on the Civic Champs platform. An Admin may also have access to administrator features found within the Civic Champs app. These features include Mobile Admin Check-In and creating Opportunities.

    • Super Admin - An individual who has all the rights of an Admin (see above) and a member but has the added ability to edit the roles of members within the Admins tab, complete the Salsa Integration, and access the Donations tab (if applicable).

  • Toggle - A switch that allows a user to choose between two options (i.e “Send Invitation”).

  • Username - The email or phone number that the user initially created their account with.


  • Donations - Admins can create donation campaigns and automate small recurring or one-time asks to volunteers upon check-out, when they have volunteered for at least an hour. Donations are limited to ‘happy’ volunteers who have had a positive experience.

  • Reporting - Admins can quickly access the volunteer information they need and can see or export a report with just one click.

  • Scheduling - Admins can create recurring volunteer events or one-time volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are able to discover and sign up for events and opportunities both online and through the mobile app.

  • Volunteer Hour Tracking - Volunteers and volunteer managers have a wide range of tools to manage hour-tracking or check-ins. This includes the mobile app, a web-based kiosk, the Admin mobile app check-in, and the online Admin dashboard. Each tool is synced, and hours are immediately viewable on the online Admin portal and on the volunteer’s mobile app.

  • Waivers - Organizations are able to track digital waivers on the Civic Champs platform. Waivers can be required for all volunteers, specific groups, or for specific events. Volunteers can be prompted to agree when registering for an event, checking-in, or creating their account. The platform also tracks expiration dates for waivers and automatically prompts volunteers when their waivers expire - giving you peace of mind that waivers are always up-to-date.

Signup Process

  • Contact info verification - A process that involves a 6-digit code being sent to a user's email or phone number, in order to verify the information and have the user agree to receive communication from the Civic Champs system.

  • Create Profile - Creating an account for a user in the Civic Champs system.

  • Invitations - Links that can be sent to a user's email or phone number, prompting them to create an account and download the mobile app.

  • Login - For users, to enter a username and password combination successfully and access the Civic Champs platform, through the mobile app or Admin portal.

  • Permissions - Mobile phone asks that are used to determine which features in a user's phone the Civic Champs mobile app can have access to for optimal usage. Prompted permissions include access to: Location Services, Notifications, and Motion and Fitness (for iPhone users).

Donations Tab

  • Campaign - A series of prompts and messages that volunteers see during check-out that encourages them to donate to the organization.

  • Conversions - Records that show how many volunteers clicked into each prompt created in the campaign.

    • Audience - The total number of volunteers who participated in an event.

    • Campaign Clicks - The volunteers who clicked/tapped on the Thank You prompt link.

    • Donation Clicks - The volunteers who clicked/tapped on the Thank You prompt link and then the donation button.

    • Donations - The volunteers who submitted a donation to the campaign.

    • Offers - Members of the Audience who will see the campaign prompts and be asked to donate, based on campaign rules.

  • Donation status - An indication as to whether the donation was successful or not.

  • Inactive (campaign status) - The status of a campaign whose date range or predetermined duration has passed. Volunteers no longer see the campaign prompts.

  • Micro-donation - A small donation made by a volunteer to the organization they are volunteering for.

  • Net donation - The amount of a donation after any Stripe processing fees are taken out.

  • Total Active Donations - The amount of donations received from any active campaigns.

  • Type of donation - An indication of the recurrence of the donation. Types include a one-time donation or a recurring donation.

Champions Tab


  • Active (volunteer status) - A volunteer status indicating that the volunteer has volunteered with the organization at least one time in the selected date range. The Civic Champs platform automatically notes whether a volunteer is active or inactive in the date period.

  • Archived (volunteer status) - A volunteer status that hides a volunteer’s information and hours unless the data is in the active date range period. Admins make the decision to archive a volunteer.

  • Estimated impact - The dollar amount equivalent to the amount of hours that volunteers log with an organization. It is calculated based on the national average valuation of volunteer time, calculated to be $29.95 per hour.

  • Hours - The amount of hours a volunteer spends with an organization and tracks within the platform.

  • Joined Date - The calendar date that a volunteer’s account was created in the Civic Champs platform.

  • Volunteer Profile - A page displaying an individual volunteer's total hours, activities, signed waivers, and questionnaire responses accessible from the Champions tab.

  • Send Invitation (Toggle) - A capability of any Admin when they are adding any new user to send them an invitation via email or text to set up a Civic Champs account and download the mobile app.

Activity Log

  • Activity - The job or task performed by a volunteer while they are with the organization.

  • Activity Log - A timesheet of all of a volunteer's activity with an organization.

  • Average Activity Length - The average amount of time that each volunteer spends with an organization.

  • Comment (written reflection) - A note or written reflection from a volunteer about their time with the organization. Volunteers are prompted to leave a comment in the check-out process.

  • Opportunity - The event or location where the volunteering took place.

  • Rating (visual reaction) - A selection from a series of emoji faces that volunteers can use to display their overall satisfaction with their time volunteering with an organization. These faces range from an extremely sad face to an extremely happy face. Volunteers are prompted to leave a rating in the check-out process.

Groups Tab

  • Applicant (Status) - An indication that a volunteer has applied to be a member of the group and still needs to be approved by an admin.

  • Application Link - A link that can be shared for volunteers to apply to become a registered member of a group for an organization.

    • “Not Accepting Applications” (Toggle) - When selected, a disabling of the application link. It indicates that the organization is not receiving applications. Users who visit the link will see the following message: “We are currently not accepting applications for [Group Name] please check back later.”

  • Approvals (Action Button) - A button that allows an Admin to view the volunteers that need to be approved and their applications and subsequently allows the Admin to approve or deny them.

  • Approval Type (Group Type):

    • Limited - A group status that indicates that in order to be a member of the group, a user must be approved by an Admin.

    • Open - A group status that indicates that full membership into a group requires no approvals.

  • Membership:

    • Members - Volunteers or users who have been given full membership into a group.

    • Pending Members - Volunteers or users who still need to be approved in order to gain full membership into a group.

  • Onboarding Requirements - Any waivers and questionnaires that incoming members or applicants are prompted to answer or required to sign upon entering, or applying for, the group.


  • Waiver - A legal agreement waiving a right or claim and assenting to certain conditions - for example, photo release forms, COVID-19 waivers, sanitation waivers. Waivers can be attached to specific events or groups in the platform and can have an expiration date.

  • Waiver Agreement - The language presented to a volunteer stating that they agree to the condition(s) presented in the waiver.

  • Administrative Details (Waiver Section) - The section of a waiver that includes the waiver name, internal-facing description, and expiration date.

  • Details (Waiver Section) - The section of a waiver that includes the external-facing description, waiver content, and waiver agreement.

  • Expiration Date - The date in which a volunteer's signature expires. After this date, they will need to re-agree to the waiver the next time they check-in or register for an event.

  • Expired (Waiver Status) - A waiver status that indicates that the volunteer’s signature is no longer valid, and they will need to reagree to the waiver upon next check-in or event registration.

  • Formatted text - Waiver text that can be directly copied and pasted from elsewhere. Once added, it can be formatted with bullet points, bolded font etc.

  • Outdated (Waiver Status) - A waiver status that indicates that a volunteer’s signed waiver is not up-to-date, and there is a new version of the waiver for the volunteer to agree to.

  • Web Page URL - The link to the website where a waiver currently lives.


  • Questionnaire - A set of personalized questions posed to volunteers from an organization to obtain specific information.

  • Question type:

    • Dropdown - Allows the user to choose a single answer from a dropdown list of items.

    • Emergency Contact - Allows a user to input the following information about their Emergency Contact Person: First & Last Name, Relationship, Phone Number, and Email Address.

    • Home Address - Allows a user to type their address into a box and select the appropriate address from the dropdown menu of google map options.

    • Long Text - Allows a user to freely type a longer response to the question asked.

    • Multiple Choice - Allows users to choose multiple answers from a list of options.

    • Number - Allows users to only respond to the question with a numeral input.

    • Short Text - Allows a user to freely type a shorter response to the question asked.

    • Single Choice - Allows a user to choose one answer from a list of options.

  • Required (Questionnaire Type) - A questionnaire that a user must fill out in order to successfully register for an event, join a group, or check-in to a location.

Opportunities Tab

  • Average Opportunity Hours - The average amount of hours that volunteers spend at each opportunity.

  • Check-ins - The total number of times that a single volunteer has checked-in to the location to volunteer.

  • Event End - The date in which the geo-fence goes inactive, and volunteers will no longer be prompted to sign into the opportunity.

  • Event (Name) - The display name of the event or location in which the geofence was placed around.

  • Event Start - The date in which the geo-fence goes live and is active for volunteers to check-in to.

  • Opportunity - Any location that has a geofence, or virtual perimeter, placed around it where volunteers can check-in to volunteer.

Events Tab

  • Cancel Event - An Admin’s ability to remove an event from their Admin calendar and any public-facing calendars, as well as to send alerts to any of the event’s registered volunteers to let them know that the event is no longer happening.

  • Custom Date(s) - Specific dates throughout the year where an event reoccurs.

  • Day-of-event instructions - Any important instructions input by Admins during the event creation process that volunteers need to know for the day of their volunteer shift.

  • Details (Event Section) - An overview of the information Admins input to successfully create the event. They include basic info, participants, location, shifts, and onboarding.

  • Drafted (Event Status) - A status indicating that an Admin has started to create the event but has not made the event live or published it yet.

  • Event Summary - The consolidation of event information including its name, date, location, description, day-of instructions, point of contact, visibility, and sign-up summary.

  • Geofence Radius - The size of the virtual perimeter that is placed around an address. The Civic Champs standard is 200ft and can be enlarged by Admins up to 2000ft.

  • Live (Event Status) - A status indicating that volunteers are able to register for the event and sign up for shifts.

  • Optional (Waiver/Questionnaire Type) - Waivers or questionnaires that the volunteer does not have to sign or answer in order to complete the registration process.

  • Passed (Event Status) - A status indicating that the date of the event has passed, and volunteers will not be able to sign up for any of the shifts.

  • Point of Contact - The contact information of the person who (1) is to be a contact person for volunteers if any questions arise, and (2) will receive an email notification when a volunteer registers for an event AND when a volunteer cancels their registration for an event.

  • Private (Event Type) - If an event is private, only volunteers with the direct link will be able to see and register for the event.

  • Progress Bar - A bar displaying the amount of volunteers that have registered for an event out of the total number needed.

  • Public (Event Type) - An event type that allows any user or volunteer to see and register for the event.

  • Publish - An action done by an Admin to make an event live and allow volunteers to begin signing up for shifts.

  • Registration Link - A link that volunteers use to register for an event or shift.

  • Role - The job or task that a volunteer performs while they are with an organization.

  • Save for Later - An option available when creating an event to put the event into a draft status.

  • Selected Groups Only (Event/Opportunity Type) - An event/opportunity type that allows only volunteers who are in a specific custom group within the system to see the event and/or be prompted to check-into a location.

  • Shift - The duration of time that a volunteer is with an organization.

  • Team - An indicated group of people that the volunteer may have belonged to or volunteered with.

  • “This event repeats” - An option that gives Admins the ability to make an event a single-day event or make it reoccur on preselected or custom dates.

Mobile App

  • Activity Log - A log showing a user’s individual volunteer records, displaying all of the times they have checked into an event or opportunity.

  • Create Profile - The creation of a Civic Champs account by a user. This requires providing information, such as the user’s name, birthday, and contact information, and creating a password.

  • Discover - A feature allowing volunteers to sign up for events from registered and/or nearby organizations through their mobile app.

  • Login - To sign into an already existing Civic Champs account with a username and password.

  • Permissions - Determines what features in a user's phone that the Civic Champs mobile app has access to (i.e, location, motion and fitness, and notifications). These are requested for optimal usage.

  • Profile - The central hub for a user’s personal information, including their name, birthday, contact information, and profile picture.

  • Schedule - The personal calendar displaying all of the shifts a volunteer has registered for in the past and any upcoming shifts for the future.

  • Timer - A feature within the mobile app that allows volunteers to track their own volunteer hours when an event or geofence is not active/live. When turned on, it actively tracks the length of time spent volunteering outside of a location or event.

General Web Interface Terms

  • Application Program Interface (API) - An API is a connection between two computer programs.

  • Checkbox - A box where a checkmark can be added to indicate the response to a question.

  • Donation - A monetary or tangible gift given from one person or organization to another.

  • Dropdown - A list of options or answers for users to choose from. This can be done when indicating a role, opportunity, or volunteer information, e.g..

  • Duplicate - To create another separate instance of an item.

  • Hamburger Menu - A menu style depicted by three horizontal bars stacked on top of each other.

  • Integration - An automated communication between software platforms. This process makes the data available by connecting it with third party platforms that operate on their own systems.

  • Password - A secret word or phrase that is used to gain access to a private account or device.

  • Pop-up - A message that appears when a certain option is chosen, usually confirming the action trying to be taken.

  • Sub-tab - Another page located in a larger tab. For example, there is the Waivers sub-tab under the larger Champions tab.

  • Tab - A page dedicated to one of the features in the Civic Champs platform.

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