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The Civic Champs platform allows admins to send out messages to champions whenever needed! There are two kinds of messaging available, at different costs:

  • Email: Every Civic Champs account has the ability to send out as many emails as they would like at no additional cost to the user.

  • SMS Text Messaging: SMS text messaging is available on a per credit basis. Credits come at an additional cost to the user. Every text sent costs one credit and our pricing is currently $20/1,000 text credits. To purchase text credits or learn more about a text credit subscription, contact Customer Success.

The Messages Tab

The Messages tab acts as an easy-to-access log of an organization's past sent messages.

You cannot send messages from the Messages tab; this is only possible in the Champions, Groups, and Events tabs. To learn how to send messages in each of these tabs, check out the related articles listed at the end of this page.

At the top of the Messages tab is a small box that keeps track of various counts:

  • Total Messages: The total number of messages sent in the selected timeframe (chosen in the calendar selection in the top-right)

  • Emails Sent: The total number of emails sent in the selected timeframe

  • SMS Sent: The total number of SMS text messages sent in the selected timeframe

  • SMS Sends Available: The number of credits remaining for SMS messaging

Below this is a dashboard of an organization's past sent messages. The dashboard includes the following columns:

  • Date: The date the message was sent

  • Subject: The subject line of the message

  • Email: The number of emails sent containing that message

  • SMS: The number of texts sent containing that message

  • Status: If the emails and/or texts sent were successfully delivered; if not, how many bounced back

Viewing a Message

From the dashboard, you can view sent messages. To do so, click View next to the date column of the message you would like to see.

A popup will appear with that message. It will include the subject of the message, the content of the message, and how the message appeared on email and/or SMS message.

To exit out from viewing this message, select the X on the upper right corner of the popup. You will then return to the dashboard.

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