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Messaging via the Events Tab
Messaging via the Events Tab
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Follow along with the above video to learn how to send a message to volunteers from the Events tab.

Civic Champs allows admin to send messages to registered volunteers for an organization's event. To do so, on the Events tab, first use the calendar to find the date of and then select the event whose volunteers you would like to message. Click on the event title to be taken to the event's page.

The event's page will automatically open up to the Event Summary sub-tab. Click on the Volunteer sub-tab instead; this is where you can message the volunteers.

On your event's volunteer dashboard, you will see that the first column, next to each volunteer's name, is a checkbox. You have two different paths here:

  • If you want to message one or more specific volunteers, but not all, select the checkboxes next to the desired recipients. Your message will only send to them.

  • If you want to message all volunteers for your event, check the box next to "Name" in the header. This will check off all of the volunteers below.

Once you have selected the desired volunteers (in the example below, I have selected all), click the Message button above the dashboard.

A pop-up will appear, letting you know (1) the number of contacts selected under To: , (2) the Subject of the message, and (3) the Message box (along with an option to Send to Emails Only).

The number of emails and texts will change depending on what your champions have listed on their accounts: email or mobile phone number. If a champion has both their email and mobile phone number listed, you can choose whether to send them both a text and an email or only an email.

Below, I have checked the box asking to send to emails only. Make sure you have a clear subject line, as the Subject line is all text recipients will see until they click on the link in the message.

Once you are finished with the messages and content with the previews, select Send to send the messages. If you no longer want to message them, select Cancel. If you would like to edit something from the prior screen, select Back.

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