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Viewing a Champion's Onboarding Responses & Information
Viewing a Champion's Onboarding Responses & Information
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Follow along with the video above to learn about how to view a champions onboarding responses & information.

In groups with requirements, champions will be prompted to answer questionnaires and/or sign waivers. If an admin wants to review a champion's specific responses or signed waivers for that group, they can do so.

First, in the Groups tab, click on the desired group's name. This will take you to the group's specific page.

The group's specific page should automatically be open to the Members sub-tab. Here is a list of every champion and applicant within that group. If you scroll to the rightmost column, entitled Actions, you will see a View button next to each admitted member's name. Click it to view that person's questionnaire responses and/or waiver statuses.

It will automatically open up to the following view. On the left side will be the title of the group, the status of the viewed member, the member's name, and their contact information.

On the right will be two sub-tabs: Questionnaires and Waivers. If there are any questionnaire responses, they will appear on the Questionnaires sub-tab. If there are multiple questionnaires added to a group's requirements, you can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the member's answers.

Clicking to the Waivers sub-tab will change it to the following view. All required waivers will be listed, and whether the member has a valid signature, an expired signature, or needs to review the waiver will be visible.

The bottom of the screen here says 1 of 3, which means this is one member of the three in the group. To scroll through members' responses, select Next in the bottom righthand corner of the page. To exit this view, click the X in the upper righthand corner.

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