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Guide to the Champions Tab
Guide to the Champions Tab
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The Champions tab serves three main purposes:

  • Its Overview sub-tab is a central reporting hub to track all individuals registered for an organization, also known as volunteers or "champions."

  • Its Activity Log sub-tab hosts information about an organization's champions' completed tasks.

  • Its Waivers sub-tab allows organizations to input digital waivers for champions to sign when signing up as a champion or for a specific event.

The Overview Sub-tab

The Overview sub-tab gives organizations the ability to keep track of its champions on a comprehensive dashboard. Displayed for each individual is: their first and last name, email, mobile phone, home phone, total volunteer hours, total donations, and date of their most recent activity. Individual Volunteer Profiles can be accessed from this table by clicking on a volunteer's name.

Aside from the dashboard, there are three main functions on the page:

  • Adding a champion

  • Removing a champion

  • Viewing Volunteer Profiles

Within the Overview sub-tab, a composite analysis of champions' data is displayed. The key data points include: the number of champions, their combined total hours, their combined total donations, and the estimated dollar impact of their volunteer work.

The calculations are dynamic, as they adjust based on the date range selected in the upper righthand corner; if there is a specific duration you would like to see the data points for, you can adjust the dates by clicking on the date range box and (1) choosing a preset amount of time (e.g., last month, last week, last year) or (2) inputting specific beginning and end dates. The calculations also differ depending on whether you include archived or inactive champions by checking or unchecking the boxes underneath.

From these statistics, the estimated impact is typically the most significant to users. Volunteer hours are usually perceived as a simple and effective approach towards service - and that’s correct. However, when you scale the number of volunteer hours to the equivalent national average monetary value, a greater understanding of volunteer contribution is seen. For more information about the calculation of the estimated impact, hover your mouse above the "?" underneath the number. To learn more about the value of a volunteer hour, check out this resource.

The Activity Log Sub-tab

The Activity Log sub-tab hosts contains a record of an organization's champions' completed tasks. Each record displays:

  • the first and last name of the champion who completed the activity

  • the activity's affiliated opportunity

  • the activity itself

  • the time of check-in

  • the duration of the activity (in hours)

Additionally, when a champion submits a rating or comment about their experience, their response is visible in the "Activity" column.

Aside from organizing champion activity data in a more manageable manner, main functions of the tab include:

  • Adding an activity record

  • Editing an activity record

  • Removing an activity record

At the top of the Activity Log page is the following data: number of total activities completed for your organization, average activity length, and total hours of all activities.

Like in the Overview sub-tab, these numbers are dynamic, showing the data for the selected timeframe in the upper righthand corner. Knowing these data points can be extraordinarily helpful for an organization. On one hand, they can be a point of pride - a demonstration of progress being made. On another, they can show areas for improvement. For example, if the average activity length is longer than anticipated, this could signal that a task should be divided into more manageable shifts.

The Waiver Sub-tab

The Waiver Sub-tab allows organizations to create and manage possible waivers for champions to sign when registering for an event, joining a group, or logging into an opportunity. Its main page is a dashboard of all created waivers. It displays the name of the waiver, the type of waiver, the number of events that have used the waiver, the number of champions who have signed the waiver, the date of its creation, and the date it was last modified. It looks like so:

Clicking on the name of the waiver will take you to a Details page with the following information at the top: the title of the waiver, the date it was last updated, the length of time before expiration, and its current version number.

On this page will also be a Volunteers button. Click on it to see which champions have signed the waiver. Beyond the name of the person who signed it and the date that they have signed, the Volunteers page will track waiver status for the individual; i.e., it will retain the date of expiration for that signature and let you see whose waivers are outdated, have expired, or will expire soon.

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