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Approving and Denying Membership into a Group
Approving and Denying Membership into a Group
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Follow along with the video above to learn about how to approve and deny membership in a group.

Limited groups mean that individuals must be approved by an admin before obtaining full membership into a group. To learn more about how to approve or deny membership requests in a limited group, read below.

You will want to go to the Members sub-tab on the specific group's page. An orange circle with a number next to the Members title indicates the number of applications you have to approve. In this example, there are two applications awaiting approval.

Scroll to the rightmost column of the members' data, entitled Actions. Those who are not full members, applicants, will have a green Approve button in the column. Click on the button to review their application.

You will be taken to the following page. On the left side are the title of the group, the status of the individual (pending), and their name and contact information. On the right side are the individual's questionnaire responses and signed waivers, as required by the group. The page will automatically open to the Questionnaires sub-tab. If there are multiple questionnaires, use the blue arrows to navigate between them.

Once you have finished reviewing the questionnaire responses, go to the Waivers sub-tab. It will list the statuses of the required waivers for the individual (whether they still need to be signed, are valid, or are expired).

At the bottom of the page, you can make your final decision: to approve or decline the member. You are also able to add a message to the applicant, indicating that they have been accepted or explaining why they have been declined. Click on either the Approve or Decline button to determine whether the applicant has been accepted.

If you have more than one application to review, you will be automatically taken to the next application once you have approved or declined the applicant. You may also scroll through applications using the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the page.

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