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Civic Champs Volunteer Term Glossary
Civic Champs Volunteer Term Glossary
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  • Activity Log - A log showing your individual volunteer records, displaying all of the times you have checked into an event or opportunity.

  • Check-in - The start of your hour tracking for your shift, when you are at the location of the organization and are ready to begin volunteering. Check-in is when your hours start tracking in the system.

  • Check-out - The end of your hour tracking for your shift, when you have completed your time with the organization for the time being. The finished hours are now added to your Activity Log.

  • Contact info verification - A process that involves a 6-digit code being sent to a your email or phone number, in order to verify your contact information and have you agree to receive communication from the Civic Champs system.

  • Create Profile - The creation of your Civic Champs account. This requires providing information, such as your name, birthday, and contact information, and creating a password.

  • Discover - A feature allowing you to sign up for events from registered and/or nearby organizations through your mobile app.

  • Geofence - A virtual perimeter that is placed around a location so that you can check in and out via your mobile app or the Kiosk.

  • Geofenced Location - A location with a permanent geofence that will remind you to check in when you are close enough. This is typically a location that volunteers frequent, such as a ReStore, Shelter, or Admin Office.

  • Hamburger Menu - A menu style depicted by three horizontal bars stacked on top of each other.

  • Kiosk - A feature used by Admins to have you check in and out from a desktop, laptop, iPad, or tablet, using an internet connection.

  • Login - Entering a username and password combination successfully and accessing the Civic Champs platform, through the mobile app or Admin portal.

  • Mobile app - The free Civic Champs app that you can use to more easily track their hours and manage their events. It can be downloaded through the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

  • Password - A secret word or phrase that is used to gain access to a private account or device.

  • Permissions - Mobile phone asks that are used to determine which features in your phone the Civic Champs mobile app can have access to for optimal usage. Prompted permissions include access to: Location Services, Notifications, and Motion and Fitness (for iPhone users).

  • Profile - The central hub for your personal information, including your name, birthday, contact information, and profile picture.

  • Record - A collection of important information for a specific subject (volunteer information, the activity log, opportunities).

  • Register - Signing up for an event and claiming an opportunity or shift ahead of time.

  • Schedule - The personal calendar displaying all of the shifts you have registered for in the past and any upcoming shifts for the future.

  • Timer - A feature within the mobile app that allows you to track your own volunteer hours when an event or geofence is not active/live. When turned on, it actively tracks the length of time spent volunteering outside of a location or event.

  • Username - The email or phone number that you initially created your account with.

  • Waiver - A legal agreement waiving a right or claim and agreeing to certain conditions - for example, photo release forms, COVID-19 waivers, and sanitation waivers.

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