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Email Template for Introducing Volunteers to Civic Champs
Email Template for Introducing Volunteers to Civic Champs
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When your organization begins using Civic Champs, you will need to alert your volunteers that they will soon be contacted about activating their accounts. When the Civic Champs team will contact them is dependent on when your organization adds them as a volunteer; once added, Civic Champs will automatically send them an email or text to activate their account.

In order to ease this transition, we have crafted an email template to send out to your volunteers:

Subject: [Organization Name] - Moving to Civic Champs

Dear [Volunteer]:

We have recently begun using Civic Champs as our volunteer management platform. As one of our valued volunteers, we would like to register you as one of our organization’s volunteers on the platform. As such, you should be receiving an email in the next [X] days from the Civic Champs team to activate your account.

[Optional] After creating your account, we ask that you use the Civic Champs app or Kiosk to check in [insert the method(s) you plan to use for volunteer check in] when you arrive to volunteer and check out when you leave. This must be done each time you volunteer to ensure all of your valuable volunteer time is counted. Your hours help us get the funding that keeps our programs going, so make sure they're all counted!

Let us know if you have any questions, or check out this Civic Champs resource for more information about the platform!

Thank you,

[Organization Contact]

Feel free to edit the email subject and content as you wish! We recommend including a sentence or two that explains how Civic Champs will help your organization and why it's important that volunteers use the platform.

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