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I just received a text message telling me to create a profile on ClassCover?
I just received a text message telling me to create a profile on ClassCover?

What is ClassCover? Why do I need to create a profile?

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You have received this message because a school has added you via your mobile number to the system and wants to book you for casual work. 

In order to book you, they need you to create a profile on ClassCover so they can engage you for work via the app.

What do you need to do next?

  1. Click on the link provided in the text, or alternatively click here 

  2. Enter your details and create your teacher profile. 

  3. Download the ClassCover app. You can do so by going here

If you are not a relief teacher and you received this message in error, please inform our team and we'll remove you from our system. Get in touch via

What is ClassCover?

The ClassCover app connects schools with their chosen relief teachers in seconds, saving schools hours each day and connecting teachers to a wealth of new employment opportunities.  

With ClassCover, schools can book you in a few simple clicks via the app and view your availability at a glance so you will no longer get requests when you are unavailable.   You also have the choice to be found by other schools on ClassCover, giving you the opportunity to grow your network and obtain more work.  

ClassCover and the NSW Department of Education

For NSW casual teachers: ClassCover has teamed up with the NSW Department of Education to provide the casual teacher resourcing solution for NSW public schools. 

ClassCover has replaced the NSW Department of Education’s call centre approach to booking casual teachers which are known as Casual.Direct. This is a progressive step forward for the department who are choosing an innovative tech-based solution to connect schools with casual teachers.

For tips on how to get started on ClassCover as a Relief Teacher, please click here.

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