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Everything you need to know about the Hub & Spoke.

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The NSW Department of Education and ClassCover has launched the Teachers in the Field – Classroom Cover Stream to assist schools in regional, rural, and remote areas with booking Relief Teachers.

The participating schools will be grouped depending on their location and a Hub Admin and Relief Teachers will be assigned to their group exclusively.

Below is an example of the Hub & Spoke booking process flow:

1. Your school sends a booking request.

2. The Hub Admin gets notified and will then approve the booking request.

3. Once approved, the request will be sent to the Relief Teachers you were trying to book.

4. You will get a notification once a booking has been completed via a Push Notification from the App, and SMS if you do not have the App. An email booking confirmation will also be sent.

It's that simple! :)

How to Book a Teacher under the Hub & Spoke:

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