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I’ve just been told to complete my profile, what do I need to do?
I’ve just been told to complete my profile, what do I need to do?

How do I complete my profile?

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Your profile is your online CV that schools look at to decide whether or not to add you to their school list. It’s the place where you have your chance to shine so it’s important you take the time to upload all the right information.  

A completed profile lets schools know that you are qualified to teach and have all the relevant certificates and certifications up to date. An important step before they invite you into their classrooms.  

Completing your profile doesn’t take long so do make sure you complete this step in order to secure more work on ClassCover. 

There is a mandatory list of fields to complete, but the more you enter now the better the chances of securing work. (please ensure you complete the mandatory fields before you can save your profile).

  • First, click on My Profile Tab or Manage Profile link found on the Dashboard. Update the following fields by clicking on the pencil icons: personal details, contact details, Right to Work in Australia, CV Experience, Employment History, and Qualifications etc.  

  • Even add a professional photo to make your profile stand out (with the photo make sure that the file size is under 2mb and if the photo loads sideways then you will need to crop the image into a smaller size and re-upload). This can be done by clicking on the ‘Upload Profile Image’ button. 

  • For teachers who wish to teach at NSW Public schools, you are required to enter and verify your NSW Department of Education’s data. The verification status is a new integration with the NSW Department of Education and is designed as a time-saving tool for all NSW public schools who need to know that you are accredited and approved to teach and have all of your mandatory training completed. To learn more about you can verify your status, click here.

    A pop-up will appear where you need to complete your details. Please make sure they are the same as those that appear with the NSW Department of Education.

  • Select your Right to Work in Australia from the drop-down. If you choose Australian Citizen please upload either a copy of your Driver's Licence, Passport or Birth Certificate by clicking on the 'Upload a File' button.

  • It is important that you select all the relevant experience you have as this will make it easier for schools to find you.

  • Update the subjects you are qualified to teach so if schools need a specific subject to be filled you can be easily found.  

  • Adding a video CV is a great way for schools to get to know you. This is optional but there is a link you can click with instructions to help you upload your video CV.

  • Schools need you to bring in the relevant paperwork to ensure you are eligible to teach, by uploading copies you improve your chance of schools inviting you to their list of relief teachers. Be sure to add these files in the ‘Upload File’ section at the top of the page. This may include things such as Anaphylaxis Certificate, Child Protection Certificate or E-Emergency Care Certificate.

  • Finally, don’t forget to select Save Changes and you are ready to start contacting schools and getting invited to their lists.

  • You are able to choose to have your profile viewable to all schools on the ClassCover system or to only have it appear to schools that have had their invitation to join accepted by you.

For tips on how to get started on ClassCover as a Relief Teacher, please click here.

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