School users will be able to filter the results in the list of teachers in Find New Teachers by availability (those that are Available and Hasn’t Indicated), whereby it will therefore remove those that are Unavailable for the entire period selected.

In order to use this function, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to the ‘Find teachers’ page in top menu bar.

2. In the filters section at the top of the page, from the Availability date picker, select the date.

3. Check the State is set to ‘New South Wales’ and the Distance from school is set to ‘20km’

4. Click ‘Search’

Expected result: The list of teachers in the screenshot below should appear with their availability for the selected week appearing as green with ‘A’ for Available or ‘HI’ for Hasn’t Indicated.

This feature is also available in the Mobile App.

Tap on the Teachers Section > Find New > Tap on Availability and enter the date then tap on FIND TEACHERS:

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