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How to add and build your list of teachers on ClassCover
How to add and build your list of teachers on ClassCover

Finding new teachers, Bulk adding your list of teachers and adding one by one and on the go

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Whether you're new to ClassCover, or if you are looking to refresh your schools list of teachers – knowing how to easily add your regular teachers and find new teachers in the teacher directory are important steps to ensure consistent successful booking outcomes. 

Having a healthy number of teachers on your list is key.

Quick overview on ways you can connect with teachers and other casual staff on ClassCover

  1. Add your known pool of teachers via 'Add New' (found on My List)

  2. Discover new teachers via 'Find New'

  3. Approve teachers who have requested to join your list via 'Pending Requests'

  4. Post a Casual Relief Teacher Call Out via ClassCover Jobs to get teachers to apply to be on your list

Lets start with adding known teachers via the 'Add New' option

If you are new to ClassCover, you may already have a list of teachers you book regularly. Or you may be receiving resumes and you are looking to book these new teachers on ClassCover. 

Getting them onto your ClassCover school list will mean that you no longer have to guess when they are available for work and you won't have to waste your morning phoning around to lock someone in.

To bulk add teachers go to 'My List' click on 'Add New' then toggle to the bulk upload form. 

Here you can:

  1. Download the template spreadsheet

  2. Fill in the blanks and

  3. Upload the excel file to the bulk upload section and your teachers will be automatically added to your school list

Your teachers will get a notification that you have added them to your school list and if they aren't on ClassCover already – they will receive a welcome email with instructions to set up an account.

What about quickly adding teachers one by one and on the go?

If you have just one or a small number of teachers to add to your list, you can quickly do so one by one by simply choosing 'add teacher' on wither the desktop or mobile version of ClassCover

Fill out the details you have on hand and submit. Again, if they have a ClassCover profile they will be added to your list and notified. If they aren't on ClassCover they will get an email to set up an account. 

Finding new teachers

Let's now look at how to add new teachers to your list. You can find teachers through our teacher directory under the tab 'Find Teachers' on both the desktop and mobile version of ClassCover.

To locate this in the mobile app version, click on 'teachers' then choose 'find teachers' 

Once in the directory, simply use the filter options to narrow down your options. You can choose from 

  • Availability (which is handy if you are looking for someone who is available on a certain date or dates)

  • Distance from your school

  • Subject specific tags which is handy for high schools searching for teachers to cover a specific class

Once you have your results, you can click on each teacher to view rich profile information. 

You will also notice that all teachers have their availability on display. For a quick overview, Green means available on that date, red means unavailable and orange means this teacher hasn't indicated.

Once you are happy with your chosen teacher, click invite teacher and they will be notified that they have been added to your list.

It's is to be noted here that ClassCover does not vet each teacher so it is up to you to cross check the teachers details with any relevant teacher registration body that they are appropriately qualified and approved to work.

Finally, make sure that your list has a healthy number of relief teachers (we recommend starting with at least 50 for middle to large schools and work to always be updating and refreshing your list as a general rule of thumb. 

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