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Teacher Verification - NSW Only
Orange tick - Being a partially verified teacher on ClassCover (NSW only)
Orange tick - Being a partially verified teacher on ClassCover (NSW only)
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If you are seeing an orange tick next to your name in your teacher profile, this means you are partially verified as approved to teach in NSW public schools.

Partially verified means your approval to teach is confirmed, however, your mandatory training is not confirmed. This means you will have to complete it or if you have already completed all mandatory training, you may need to check that everything has been submitted correctly on MyPL.

Mandatory training courses are required to be undertaken and to be completed prior your employment commencement. This does not mean that you cannot teach, a decision will be determined by Schools.

The orange status can also be seen by schools you are currently attached to and also to schools who are looking to add you to their list.

What you need to do

To work as a casual teacher, there are a range of mandatory training modules that you must complete in order to comply with legislative and departmental requirements. School principals will ask you to provide evidence that you have completed these training modules when you are first employed at a new school.

Certain courses have a expiry date and will require re-completing.

The following courses may be found;

  • Fraud and Corruption Control - course code NR33012 - Annually

  • Code of Conduct Online - course code NR27345 (update annually)

  • Child Protection Update 2024 - course code NR41255 (update annually)

  • Anti -Racism Policy Training - course code NR30069 - Every 2 years

  • Data Breach Response Plan - course code NRG12326 (update every 5 years)

  • Cyber Security NSW Essentials training - course code NR31133 - (update annually)

  • Aboriginal Cultural Education training - course code AC00560 (update every 3 years)

  • Anaphylaxis e-Learning (APTSs) Teaching and Administrative Staff (update every 2 years)

  • e-Emergency Care (update every 3 years) - Available on MyPL from the 16th of December Learn more

  • WHS induction for employees (complete once only) - Available on MyPL from the 16th of December Learn more

UPDATE: As of 8 March 2024, a one-off mandatory training module on Public Interest Disclosures – reporting serious wrongdoing needs to be completed before 4 May 2024. Failure to comply by this date will result in a transition of your verification status from a Green tick to an Orange tick.

From 16 December 2021, the following e-Safety course modules will be accessible via MyPL and not via the e-Safety platform.

e-Emergency care (NRG14190)

Internal: Go here

External: Go here

Work Health & Safety Induction for Employees (NR33383)

Internal: Go here

External: Go here

Administration of medication* (NR27160)

Internal: Go here

External: Go here

* This course is only mandatory for some roles, including SASS.

Emergency Management Planning* (NR33389)

Internal: Go here

External: Go here

*Not mandatory

How to access these modules

Log in to the department's staff portal. If you do not know your portal access details please further assistance contact EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32 - select option 5 IT.

Have you completed your training already and are still appearing as ‘partially verified’?

You may have done this training, however you may need to check that it's submitted correctly, which includes the correct training modules as listed above, and check that you have submitted your training in MyPL and e-Safety via your DET email.

Since we launched this integration in 2020, over 95% of support requests across EdConnect & ClassCover have been resolved by assisting teachers with updating their certificate/s or their details. The ClassCover and DoE systems are working correctly but there can be a delay of 48 -72 hours for data to be processed and reflected on the ClassCover system. If training is completed on a Friday after 5pm or on a weekend it may take anywhere from 2 – 5 days before data is processed.

To get further assistance with accessing training in your staff portal training, please raise a support ticket via

Further information on the 'partially verified status'

It is important to remember that an ‘orange tick’ does not prevent you from being employed. An ‘orange tick’ indicates that you are approved to teach. However, it is at the discretion of the school as to whether or not they engage you, as one or more of your mandatory training certificates may have to be completed or updated.

Any issues being experienced with the accuracy of your ‘ticks’ could be due to the following:

  • The email address being used for your mandatory training is different to the primary email address held by DoE NSW. This issue is being rectified by DoE NSW. Please check this and lodge a ticket with MyPL / e-Safety to get this rectified.

  • The documents you have uploaded to your ClassCover profile are not connected to your ‘verified’ status. Your ‘verified’ status held on MyPL and e-Safety is checked (but not held) multiple times a week by the ClassCover system. Please ensure your mandatory training is submitted in MyPL and E-Safety.

  • The Data Breach Preparedness certificate is a relatively new piece of mandatory training. Please ensure that you have completed it as many have not. How to access MyPL.

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