Update 28th of Feb 2022

As of the 28th of Feb 2022, the green tick on ClassCover now includes vaccination status based off whether or not you have confirmed your vaccination status through the NSW Department of Education VACS Attest. If you previously had a green tick or orange tick and it has recently changed to Not Verified, you will need to check if you have completed all the steps required to be compliant with the NSW Vaccination Mandate.

More info on VACS Attest can be found on the DET page here.

Other reasons you may be showing as 'Not Verified'

If you do not have a NESA ID, you will not receive a ‘verified’ status on ClassCover

This will be for those that fall under the category of SLSO, EA’s, School Counsellors and other casual personnel who work on school grounds.

We are working on a feature that will better label you in the system.

If you are not yet accredited but will be soon

You will have a chance to update your details when you gain accreditation.

What to do if your accreditation has lapsed?

Read our article on what to do if your accreditation has lapsed

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