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How to post a job through a ClassCover Jobs Only account
How to post a job through a ClassCover Jobs Only account
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Congratulations on setting up your ClassCover Jobs account. You now have the ability to post job ads to thousands of educators looking for work on the ClassCover platform.

With a ClassCover Jobs account, you can:

  • Access teachers looking for full time, part time and contract roles​.

  • View rich profile information, CVs and access references​.

  • Organise and filter applicants with shortlisted, rejected and hired.

  • For more involved applications, choose to send to an external application site.

How to post jobs on ClassCover Jobs?

  1. Login to ClassCover on the web version.

  2. Navigate to the Jobs tab located in the top menu bar.

  3. Get started by clicking on 'post a job' and fill out your job details. Here you can select the job type as mentioned in the list above.

    You can choose to accept applicants through the ClassCover website where you can sort and manage as they come through (shortlisted, hired, rejected), view cover letters and full teacher profiles where you can download and view attachments such as certificates and CV's.

    If you choose External Website you will need to place a link to an actual application outside of ClassCover. Do not post your email address here.

  4. Once you are happy with your job ad, click 'post'.

Good to know: Teachers are not notified when selecting 'rejected', 'shortlised' and 'hired' when managing your applicants.

Are you looking for casual relief teachers to book in a few clicks?

You can upgrade your account to get full ClassCover access in order to find, book and manage casual relief teachers at your school.

  • Access a large network of local teachers ​

  • View rich teacher profile information​

  • Find and sort teachers with subject specific tags​

  • Know teacher availability before booking​

  • Have full control of booking requests. Organise and prioritise preferred teachers.​

  • Transition teachers to full time with no restrictions.

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