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Configure Onboarding Steps

Clinical Site: Create Steps for Students to Complete Before Rotations Begin

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Onboarding steps are tasks, or documents, requiring completion and/or uploads into Clinician Nexus in preparation for a student beginning a rotation at your site. There are several configuration options. This allows documentation to be collected by students, school coordinators, or clinical site coordinators. The information can be tracked and visible to all relevant parties. More specific configuration information is provided later in this article.

After reading this article you will understand or be able to...

  • Add a New Step

  • Step Configuration Details & Samples

  • Assigning Onboarding Steps to Specific...

    • Workflow Types

    • Disciplines

    • Schools

    • Services and/or Opportunity Windows

    • Time Frames

    • Apply a Step to Multiple Criteria

  • Delete a Scenario

Add a New Step

  • Click Settings from your left navigation menu

  • Then, from the submenu click Onboarding steps

  • From here, you can click +Add onboarding step:

Step Configuration Details & Samples

Name the step and include a description and any necessary instructions that will be helpful for completing the step. Steps can be configured as one of three types. Form, document upload, or confirmation checkbox.

Sample form step configuration:

Sample file upload configuration:

Sample confirmation checkbox step:

Customize the step by adding additional information in the optional fields provided. Once you've completed the configuration of your steps, you can add any attachments needed.

Assigning Onboarding Steps to Specific...

Workflow Types:

The Workflow types field allows you to specify a step to apply only for student requested rotations (elective rotations), or coordinator scheduled rotations (core rotations). If you do not specify a workflow type, the system will default to Any and the step will apply to both student requested and coordinator scheduled rotations.

Example: If you want all students who are requesting rotations independently to complete a background check paperwork step, you would select Student requested from the Workflow type dropdown list.


To assign a step only to a certain student discipline, (or multiple student disciplines, but not all) search and/or select the student discipline(s) that the step should apply to from the Discipline field. If you do not specify a discipline(s), the system will default to Any and the step will apply to all students.
Example: If you want all of your Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine students to upload their COMLEX/USMLE score report/certificate, you would select these student types from the list. As a result, only these students would be required to upload this documentation.


To assign a step only to students from a specific school (or multiple schools, but not all schools), select the school(s) where the step should apply. If you do not specify a school(s), the system will default to Any and the step will apply to students from all schools.

Services and/or Opportunity Windows:

To assign a step to one or more specific services and/or opportunity windows, click Services then make your service/opportunity selections in the popup window:

To assign a step to one or more specific services, select the service(s) for the step to apply to from the services list. Please note: this will also apply the step to any future opportunity windows that are created in under the service(s) you've selected.

To assign a step for one or more opportunities, select the opportunity window(s) the step should apply to.

Time Frames:

To assign a step that only applies to rotations during a certain part of the year, select the date range fields this step should apply to:

  • Starts Before/After

  • Ends Before/After

  • Step Created Before/After

Apply a Step to Multiple Criteria:

In addition to the options mentioned above, you can also select multiple criteria to fit the scenario you need.
Example: If you need all Physician Assistant students from Midwest University to fill out a particular form for rotations that begin on, or after January 1st, 2020, you could create a step that requires a form, and apply the following scenario to the step:

Delete a Scenario

You can delete a scenario by clicking the red x found in the top right corner of the scenario fields:

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