Staff Add-on FAQs

File format, required fields, maximum contacts, number format, data filters, etc.

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What file types can I upload to the system?​

We currently support the following file formats: .xls .xlsx .csv .tsv​

What are the required fields that need to be included in the contact file? ​

  • Facility ID (as configured in PointClickCare)

  • One of: First Name, Last Name or Employee ID

  • One of: Home Phone, Cellphone or Email

Is there a maximum number of contacts that can be included?​

Up to 65,000 rows are supported.

What is the default Communication /Contact Method for sending Staff messages?

Voice is the default communication method and will choose the Home Phone 1st and if no Home Phone number, system will choose Cellphone. Please note that if there is a Preferred Contact Method entered, this overrides the default setting of Voice.

How many filters can I use to better target my staff? (ie. how many custom fields can be added to my contact sheet)?​

  • The 4 default filters are Facility, Department, Position, and Shift

  • You can also add up to 6 custom fields that can be modified as often as required and will update the User Interface (UI) for other ACM users in your organization/facility when they send a message.

Can you give me some ideas of fields that might be good examples of additional data filters?​

Some examples include state, employee type, COVID testing status, vaccination status, city, seniority, etc.​

Who can upload and manage the contact file?​ (upload, download or delete)

By default, Organization Administrators can do so at the organizational level or for any given facility. Facility Administrators can also do so for the facilities to which they have permission to access. (Note that these permissions can be modified if needed)

Can the role identified as "User" send Staff messages?

The default setting for the role of "User" for sending Staff messages is No. Your Organization Administrator can change the default setting to Yes and will allow all "Users" to send staff messages.

Does the order of columns on the contact spreadsheet matter?​

The columns can be arranged in any order. We only require that you match the names of the headers exactly as displayed in the contact template.

Can I send messages to Staff and Resident Families at the same time?​

Not at this time. However you can easily send your message to Resident Families, then change the "TO" field to Staff and send the same message again. ​

Where are the messages that I send to Staff logged/recorded?​

You can learn how to access and manage reports here.

Note: because staff contacts don’t have a chart in PointClickCare, communication logs are not available in Misc Tab as with resident family communication.

How will I know if the Staff Contact data file is uploaded successfully? ​

When uploading the file, you will see a validation message indicating that “your file has been uploaded successfully”. If the file was not loaded successfully and there are errors, you will receive a message that states, “Your file has not uploaded successfully" and the error message will be displayed.​

I received this warning when I checked my upload, what does this mean?

This warning means the information in the column Facility Id does not match your list of authorized facilities. Please check the Tab Facilities to obtain the numerical value.

Does the phone number have any special requirements?​

The phone number must contain an area code.​

What if the phone number field includes dashes, brackets or spaces?​

Cliniconex will automatically clean the data for processing. ​

A staff contact would like to receive notifications using a different contact method?

You can do so by modifying the corresponding cell in the "Preferred Contact Method" column for that contact and re-uploading your contact list to ACM.

  • For voice: (PR:V)

  • For email: (PR:E)

  • For text (SMS) to their cell number: (PR:TC)

  • For do not contact: (PR:N)

What is the default contact method for Staff?

The default contact method is Voice call, Home Number first, if none then Cell Number is used.

Note: if Preferred Contact method code is entered for the individual, that code overrides the default.

A Staff contact would like to unsubscribe from receiving notifications?

You can do so by modifying the corresponding cell in the "Preferred Contact Method" column for that contact and re-uploading your contact list to ACM.

  • For do not contact, use code: (PR:N)

I see the following message when I try to import a contact list: "Configuration is set to manage staff contacts with a FlexData integration, which prevents you from uploading contacts through this web application."

This message indicates that your organization has set up automatic contact management. Please contact your organization administrator for ​assistance or reach out to our team for more information.

Why is my SMS text messages not being sent?

Check that your staff upload file contains the cell number in the column name "Cell Phone". Our system uses the number in the Cell Phone field for the SMS text column.

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