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How Do I Suspend a Member and What Happens to their Payments?
How Do I Suspend a Member and What Happens to their Payments?

Managing Payments During Suspensions

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With the release of the suspension tool update, managing payments for suspended members have never been easier!

First, on the member's contact profile click "Add new suspension"

Next, select the dates of the suspension and input the reason for the suspension then click "Continue": 

On the next page, if there are payments during the suspension period you will be shown the amount of payments scheduled for this period of time. You will then be asked how you wish to manage them.

If the membership has an expiry date you will also be asked if you wish to extend the membership expiry date by the length of the suspension.

Payments are not taken during suspensions. You will be given the following options to manage payments:

Move affected payments to the end of the membership period (If the membership has an expiry date):
The missed payments in the suspension period will be taken at the end of the membership.

Delete the affected payments and add a catch-up payment:
The payments that would normally be taken during the payment period are deleted due to the suspension, but you are adding a catch-up payment for a specific date.

This may just be the membership amount that would normally be taken in the period (For example, in the screenshot above the catch up would be $20). Some gyms have different fees for suspension periods - for example it may be $5 a week while suspended instead of $10, so the catch up after the suspension of 2 weeks would be $10 instead of the $20 (still using the screenshot example above.)

Delete the affected payments (no catch-up payment):
This will remove the payments altogether and no payment will be made for this period.

Once you've made your decision on how to manage your member's payments during this period, click save and you're done!

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