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How to Bulk Suspend Memberships
How to Bulk Suspend Memberships

If you are in a situation where you need to suspend multiple memberships (and we hope you're not), here is how to do it.

Written by Jessica Berry
Updated over a week ago
  1. Go to People> Bulk Changes > Bulk Suspend Contacts

2. Tick the boxes beside the contacts who you would like to suspend and click 'Suspend Contacts'.

3. Enter the start and end dates of the suspension and a reason why the contacts are being suspended.

4. From the 'Default action for affected memberships' list, select how you would like to handle the missed payments. You have the option to move the payment to the end of the membership, add a catch up payment (this will prompt you to select an amount and how many days after the suspension you'd like to collect the payment). Alternatively, you can forgo the payment completely. We have done this in the example image above.

5. You will then need to select if you would like to extend the memberships of the suspended contacts. In checking this box, the contacts will have their memberships extended by the number of days/weeks that they were suspended for.

6. Enter your email address in the bottom field. This will allow you to receive an email confirmation when the suspensions are processed. You will receive a confirmation email like the one below.

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