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How do I create a grading event?

Creating and managing your grading events

Updated over a week ago

Clubworx is super excited to introduce Grading Events!

What are Grading Events?
Grading events allow martial arts studios to host a grading event with an RSVP list, fee management, and an easy way to bulk promote members. You'll be able to message invitees, keep track of grading fees, and have a record of each event as it happens!

If you'd like to keep grading the classic way, not to worry - that is still in place too!

How do I create a Grading Event?
To create a grading event, head to "Gradings", then "New Gradings" to see the list of members who are ready to grade. Go ahead and tick any members who you would like to add to the event: 

You will notice three buttons:

Export will allow you to export your Ready to Grade list as a .csv file
Quick Promote is the classic way of grading - No event, just the classic promotion
Add to Grading Event will take you to the start of the Grading Event wizard

How to use the Grading Event Wizard
After you've selected the students who you wish to add to the grading event, click the "Add to Grading Event" button. If a student who you wish to add isn't on the "Ready to Grade" list, that's ok - you will be able to add them later!

You will need to choose "Create a new Grading Event" for a new event, then name your event, fill in the date and time, decide on an RSVP date, and enter the grading fee amount and due date if there is one - then just click save:

On the next screen you will see the people you have added to your grading events list, their current rank and next rank, if they've received their RSVP, the payment fee, the option to promote them or keep their current rank, and the option to delete them. 

How do I add more students to the event?
To add more students to your grading event, just enter their names in the search box and click!

How do I send the RSVP out to members?
Adding members to the grading list won't automatically send them an RSVP email. This is because you may want to add or remove members upon creating the grading - Or maybe you need to add extra students later!

To send an RSVP email, select the contacts you wish to message and then click send message: 

From here you will be sent to a message page with message templates that are specific to grading events. Choose the "Invitation to Grading Event", your reply address, and change the subject heading if you need - then confirm your recipients: 

Then you will be sent to the confirmation page to make sure it's going to the students you intend - Once you've confirmed, select "Send emails":

How do my members RSVP?
Your members will receive this email:

When they click the "Click here to tell us if you're coming!" link, they will be taken to this page: 

When they decide on their RSVP and click "Update attendance" this will be updated on your grading event: 

How do I collect Grading Fees?
Once a member has accepted the RSVP, the grading fee will appear as pending in their payment list until the date of the payment or until it is marked as Paid (Cash), Paid (POS), or Paid (Other). 

How do I promote members?

You can promote members individually by selecting the "Promote" button beside their name (or selecting the "keep current rank" button if they did not pass their grading), or bulk promote your students by selecting the check-boxes beside the students you wish to grade and then clicking "Promote Selected".


My grading event didn't show up in my calendar, where is it? 

Your grading event will not show up in your class calendar. This is because it is an RSVP event with a separate fee. You will find grading events in "Upcoming Grading Events" and "Past Gradings" under the "Gradings" menu. 

Do I need to send out the RSVP email every single time? 

If you have a grading fee, it is recommended. This is because the grading fee will not be added to a member's payment list until they have accepted the invite - or you have marked them as "Accepted" in the grading event page.

If you do not have a grading fee, it is up to you and if you would like to know numbers before the day (for staffing, or for other reasons).

The reason that the RSVP invite is not sent automatically is so that you have a chance to edit the final grading list before you send these out (which helps avoid spamming your members if you decide to shuffle things about!)

I have members returning and they are not on the grading list
Only members with active memberships will appear on the grading list, even if their past attendances mean they have reached grading criteria. So if they have had a previous membership, but not a current one, they will not show on the list.

If they do have a current membership, they may not have reached grading criteria. In this case, you would just type their names into the boxes on either the grading report or grading event:

If you have any further questions or queries regarding grading events, support is always happy to help! Feel free to send us an email at

Happy grading!

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