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Roll Call (For Martial Arts Studios)
Roll Call (For Martial Arts Studios)

How to use roll call for your studio

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Roll Call is a new mode of checking in your members which allows you and your trainers to:

  • Mark attendees as attended

  • Mark attendees absent

  • Promote members in class

  • Message members

  • See payment information (amount & next payment date)

  • See membership details (of the membership used to make the booking)

  • Be notified that it's a contact's birthday week

  • Remove a member from a class

  • See contact flags

  • See the style & rank of your members

  • Promote your members in class

There are some big differences between Roll Call and Class Kiosk.

Class Kiosk is designed to allow students to check themselves in so the information is minimal as each member would be able to see that information . Roll call is a trainer/instructor facing feature, so has more detailed information on each member.

There are 2 places you can find Roll Call. In the side menu, as well as on your dashboard:

Once in Roll Call you’ll be able to see members who have been booked under waiting to check in and member’s who have been checked in under Checked in:   

You also have a third option called Other Students in Style. This can be turned on for both the Roll Call and Class Kiosk pages from Settings>Account Profile> Kiosk/Roll Call. The tab shows a list of members who have have the Style that has been allocated to that calendar event. In the example below the Class has the Style Taekwondo and this list shows the members who have this style on their member profiles:

To add a member to the class, just search their name and click Drop in:

You will be able to see relevant information for your members such as their membership and it’s expiry (if relevant), next payment date, attendances since the last time they graded, grading requirements, and their current style and next rank (with the ability to promote them).

You can click Show More on their payments to see any upcoming payments that are not related to the membership:     

To promote your members from Roll Call, click the three dots at the end of the line for that member and click Promote:

You can also use the Select All button to perform actions in bulk:

To exit Roll Call, just click the Exit Roll Call button at the top of the screen:

For any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Clubworx support team at

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