Grade your members

Clubworx generates a report of students who are ready for promotion according to the the rules you have set up for your ranks. To access this report, you can select the 'Gradings' menu option and select 'New Grading'.

If you have any members that meet the criteria for promotion, they should already appear in the 'Ready to Grade' report. If there is someone who has not met the criteria but you wish to grade anyway, you can manually add them by typing their name in the text box and selecting it.

Tick the box next to the members who you wish to promote. You can tick the top box to select all members. Then select the 'Promote' button.

On the next screen select the date of promotion, next rank if skipping a rank, and enter a belt size if necessary. The ranks will automatically be populated with the next rank. Once you select the 'Promote' button, the selected members ranks will be updated.

Past Gradings

To view your past gradings, select the 'Gradings' menu and go to 'Past Gradings'.

If you wish to download a .csv of the grading information you can click the download link: 

Clicking on the date of the grading will show a summary for that grading.

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