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Cancelling payments for members paying via Gocardless
Cancelling payments for members paying via Gocardless

Learn more about when you can cancel payments processing through Gocardless.

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When can I cancel a payment?

In Clubworx you will be able to cancel payments that have a status of upcoming, or submitted. You will not be able to cancel a payment has a status of Pending. Below are some definitions of these payment status that may help assist with your understanding of where a payment is at. 

Upcoming: This means the payment has been scheduled and has not be submitted by Clubworx to Gocardless. Typically it will mean that the due date is in the future. However, if you schedule a payment on the day, for the day, the due date may be today (but it will remain upcoming status until the payment run the following day). 

Submitted: This means that a payment has been submitted by Clubworx to Gocardless. The payment should be discoverable on your Gocardless account if you check, but it has not yet been processed to the members bank account. 

Pending: This means the payment has now been processed to your members bank account. You can no longer make any changes to the payment until a failed or paid response is returned. 

How do I cancel a Submitted payment? 

If you would like to cancel a payment that has a submitted status you can do so by clicking on the management cog to the right of the payment line item (on either the main payment list or the members individual payment list). 

You will then see the option to Cancel Invoice. Click this to see your options. 

1. Cancel and Skip

This option is simply allowing you to mark the payment as skipped. You would use this option if you no longer wished to collect the payment. 

2. Cancel and Reschedule

The cancel and reschedule option is allowing you to cancel the payment and select a new date in the future for the payment to be processed. You would use this payment if you would still like to collect the payment but need to collect it at a later date than originally expected. 

3. Stop Payment

The 'Stop Payment' option allows you to stop the payment from continuing to be processed on Gocardless, and will return the payment to 'upcoming' status in your Clubworx account. It will not change the original due date of the payment, you will need to do this as a second step to avoid the payment being processed in the next available payment run (the next day). You would use this option if you know you need to cancel the payment, but perhaps do not know exactly when you want to reschedule to, or whether you want to waive the fee etc. It allows you to do either of these as a second step. 

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