Adding/updating a mandate for a member

You can manage this directly from your Clubworx account

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Whether you need to update an existing default mandate or add a totally new one, managing your member's mandates in Clubworx is easy!

To add a new mandate, simply head to your member's profile and click the "Add Mandate" button in their wallet: 

A pop up will appear to let you know you'll be taken to GoCardless to add in the mandate. Click "Continue to GoCardless" to continue: 

On the GoCardless page you will be asked for your member's account information. This may look different depending on your geographical location. For example, UK accounts will require a sort code, Post Code, and account number, whereas AU accounts will require BSB and account number - Fill out this information and then click "Set up Direct Debit Request":

On the next page, you will be asked to confirm the information - if it's correct, just click "Confirm": 

You will then be directed back to the Clubworx page where you will receive a flash message to let you know that the mandate was successful and it will also appear in the wallet with the status "Pending Submission": 

If this is the first mandate added to a member's account, or there are no currently accepted mandates on the account (if all mandates are cancelled or expired) then this account will become default. However, if there is already an acceptable default mandate (active or pending submission) it will not be automatically overwritten.

Mandates will take approximately 3 days to become active - Please note that any payments scheduled before the mandate becomes active will be delayed. 

You will be able to access your member's mandates using the new "Mandates" tab in their profile which will appear when you link up your GoCardless account to Clubworx: 

You will be able to add multiple mandates to a member, but will only be able to choose one as the default - which will be the mandate that gets charged. You will be able to select any active or pending mandate to be the default:

If a mandate expires while it is set to default, your member's contact profile will gain a "Check mandate" flag, which means you will need to update the mandate and set a new default. 

The "Check Mandate" flag will look like this: 

You will also be able to report on mandates with various statuses by heading to Reports, clicking the "Contact" tab, then selecting "GoCardless Mandates": 

To see a list of expired mandates, you will be able to use the "Status" filter to see all expired mandates - To see all expired mandates that are set as "default" on your members, select the "Only show default mandates" option under "Status": 

For any further questions or queries, you can contact our support team at

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