How Can I Bulk Skip Payments?

Bulk Skipping Payments

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Bulk Skipping Upcoming Payments is easy to apply in either the Payments List in the Dashboard or from the payments tab on a contact's profile.

Just note to be sure you want to Skip a Payment as it cannot be "Un-Skipped'. In the case of needing to re-process the Payment you can learn more here.

  • Start by clicking on Payments in the main navigation (on the left hand side of the site)

  • You can search for the payments you would like to skip by selecting a data range using the date pickers at the top of the payment list (see screenshot below)

  • You can use the filters available at the top of the payment list to filter down to specific payments. The filters available are:

  • Payment Status

  • Membership Plan

  • Location (of member)

  • Category

  • Payment Method

  • Failure Fees

  • Tick the box to Select All or select the individual payments you would like to skip

  • Select Mark as Skipped option that appears at the top of the payment list

Once the payments are skipped the payment status will be updated to Skipped in the list.

You have successfully Bulk Skipped Payments. Please note that if you have generated a list of greater than 25 payments (limit of payments per page) you will need to repeat this process for each page of results.

If you have any further questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact support at 

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