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I don't have an autopayment provider, how do I process my payments for reporting?
I don't have an autopayment provider, how do I process my payments for reporting?

How do I keep track of my payments if I don't have autopay?

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Even without a autopayment provider, Clubworx provides you with a great service to really cut back on your admin time of tracking your finances so you can use it for the more important things in your business: Making money!

The first thing that you should know is that we now partner with autopayment providers in most countries. Autopayments are a super easy way to track your payments and making sure that payments are collected on time without needing to remind your payers every week.

If we don't provide autopayments in your country yet, or maybe you're still making sure Clubworx is a great fit for your business, not to worry! You can kiss your days of wrestling with fiddly spreadsheets goodbye, because Clubworx makes it easy!

Membership payments will be shown in the "Payments" tab: 

Eventually, payments that are "Upcoming" will be changed to "Process Manually" if they are due within the past 7 days. You can use the filters to only see these payments: 

More importantly - If the payments are not marked "Paid" within the 7 days, they will have their status changed to "Failed". This is so you can keep track if a member falls behind in their payments - allowing you to restrict their access if necessary.

If you receive an error booking the member into a class, or in kiosk mode, it is likely because they have a failed payment.

To fix this, you can check out any failed payments for a specific member in the payments tab of their contact profile, filter the amount of time right back to the beginning of their account creation, select "Show filters", and then only select "Failed"

To mark a payment as "Paid", click the cog and then select "Paid (x)" - You can also skip the payment. Either, when all failed payments are cleared, will resolve the error:

You will also be able to see all of your failed payments in the regular "Payments" tab:

If you haven't been marking your payments as you go, don't worry! You can click on the cog (as above) to mark a single payment as paid or skipped, or you can bulk mark payments as paid or skip them by clicking the bulk tick option and then selecting the appropriate option: 

You can also go to "Reports", then the "Financial" tab, then click "Debtor Report" to see who is currently owing fees: 

Please let us know if you have any further questions or queries - Or if you would like to get started with autopayments to help cut down the effort involved with chasing up members for payments every week for reporting - We're here to help at!

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