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Sign members up using a 'new member' waiver
Sign members up using a 'new member' waiver

You can add your waiver to your website or send it to prospective members that are ready to sign up

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Once you have a new member waiver, you can get members signed up quickly and easily in Clubworx. 

There are a number of ways to share your membership waiver with potential clients.
You can add the waiver to your website, send them a pre-filled link or get them to sign it at the gym.

  • To add the waiver to your website navigate to Waivers-Waivers and turn the 'Show on Website?' toggle to display 'On'.

  • If you want to send the waiver to a prospect that has already been added to Clubworx as a Prospect navigate to the prospect. In the top righthand corner there is an option to convert the prospect to a member. Select 'Convert Prospect'. Now you can send a pre-filled waiver to them. Select the 'Waivers' tab as shown below.

Once you have selected the correct waiver you have the option to either 'Sign Waiver Now' if the person is with you or 'Send Link to Member' where you can send a link to the waiver in a standard email or copy the link and send a custom message through the 'Comms' tab.

To see what happens once someone submits a waiver, have a look at this article.

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