The most common type of waiver used is the new Member waivers.  You can use these forms to bring all elements of the sign-up process into the one form.  You will be able to capture, contact details, membership details, payment information and have your waiver signed off within the same form.

To add your own select Waiver from the top navigation and on the next page click on the orange + Add new waiver button. From here it is a simple process of filling in the waiver with your details and copy.

Step 1 – Name your waiver and select the Sign up new Members option.

Step 2 – Complete the Business Information section of the waiver.  You will see most of the information will be pre-filled from the business details you have already provided Clubworx.  There might be some fields you want to update for your sign up form, which you can do here.

Step 3 – Provide some basic instruction to your members. You will see two sections where you can add some information.  If you don’t have any specific information to add, we suggest using the text in the example below.  You will also see some greyed-out fields for contact information.  This is here for display purposes to show you the contact information that your client will see on the form when it’s live. You cannot edit these fields or add additional fields in this section.

Step 4- Add your membership terms and conditions to the form.  This is the section on your smart form where you will add details about how your memberships will operate.  What is your cancellation policy?  Are there additional charges for late payments.  If you would like to merge the member details from step 3 throughout the terms and conditions, you can do this by using the yellow merge tags.

This section is optional (you can toggle it on or off by the Show in waiver switch at the top right of the section). You may choose to include your waiver / release in this section, however, you can you also choose to separate your waiver / release and include it in the next section of the form.

Step 5- Add your waiver / release if you haven’t already.  You can use this section if your waiver is a separate document from your terms and conditions.  If your waiver is included in your terms and condition, you can leave these section turned off.

Step 6- Add your memberships to the form. If you have already created memberships in your Clubworx account, they will appear in this list to be ‘added to your sign-up form’.  If you would like to have memberships appear on this form but have not created any yet, save the form as a draft and go and create your memberships before progressing.

This section is optional (you can toggle it on or off by the Show in waiver switch at the top right of the section).

Step 7- Turn your payment authority on.  Please note, this section is only available to Clubworx clients using Ezidebit or Stripe to collect their payments.  If you would like to collect payment details through your smart form and are not using Ezidebit or Stripe, please contact us on

Step 8- Add your Electronic Consent acknowledgement.  We recommend getting country / state based legal advice to add this information.  The purpose of this section is to explain to the person that is signing this document that they are engaging in a binding agreement by using their e-signature or ticking the acknowledgement box.

You can now save and publish your sign-up form.  To see your form live click the copy link icon (highlighted below) and paste the link into a new tab within your browser.

You can now start collecting information with the form.

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