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Setting Up a Booking Reminder Sequence
Setting Up a Booking Reminder Sequence

How to use the "Booking Due" trigger to send a custom booking reminder

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You can use the Booking Due trigger to set up a custom booking reminder. To set this up, head to Sequences in the left-hand main navigation menu and click on Add Sequence:

From here, select the Booking Due option from the drop down menu: Start Sequence On. You can now choose if you are going to send an email or text from the options on the left hand side of the page and drag and drop a blank or premade template into the sequence:

Choose a "Sequence Title" that is just for your reference and decide how long in advance you'd like the booking reminder (note: If you click "Send immediately" then this would not send until the booking has started - so we recommend choosing "X hours/days Before"):

If you need the reminder to only be sent for a specific event, you can choose Advanced Options:

Then Add Condition:

Then you can add filters if required - The sequence will only send if the member and the booking meet the filtered criteria:

You can use the yellow text merge tags to personalise any messages:

Then click Save:

Once you're ready to go, set the sequence to active on the sequence list page. In the example in the screenshot above the sequence will go out 1 day before a member is going to attend any event with the word "Yoga" in the title.

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