To set this up you can either create a new event or appointment or edit an existing one. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Check the 'Members can cancel bookings for this event up to [] prior to start time' check box and set the preferred cancelation period. 

  2. You can then select to 'Allow Cancellations within this period' if you want members to be able to late cancel a class from their member portal login. 

  3. You can then set whether you would like a late fee to apply when there is a late cancelation. 

What will my member see if I allow late cancelations? 

When a member logs into their member portal and views a booking they have made and is within the cancelation period they will now see a new button called 'Late Cancel'. If they select this, they will see a notification that a late fee will apply (if you have set this up). 

What will I see if I allow late cancelations?

When you view a class now, you will see a list of any members that have late cancelled and whether a fee has been applied for this. 

Can I mark a member as late cancelled myself? 

Yes! If you cancel a booking for a member from the event or their profile page, within the late cancelation period, they will be marked as late cancelled. The difference is that when the action is performed by a user of Clubworx you will be given the option to waive the late fee. 

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