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Setting up late cancelation rules for your classes
Setting up late cancelation rules for your classes

Define a late cancel timeframe for your classes and apply custom automated late fees.

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This option can be found both when creating or editing an event or appointment in the Calendar.

To add a late cancellation when creating an event:

  1. Switch the "Members can cancel bookings for this event up to [] days/hours/minutes prior to start time" toggle to green

  2. Choose the amount of time in advance that cancellations can be made

  3. Select the Allow bubble, which will allow late cancellations

  4. Choose if the late cancel still uses up a class or not in the member's membership

  5. Add a late cancellation fee if required

To add/edit a late cancellation when editing an event:

  1. Click View on the event

  2. Under Restrictions/Limits click Edit

  3. Follow the steps under the To add a late cancellation when creating an event section of this article above

What will I see if I allow late cancelations?

When you click a class in your calendar, then click the View button, you will be taken to the event information page. The Late Cancellations will be under the Attendees list:

Can I mark a member as late cancelled myself? 

Yes! If you cancel a booking for a member from the event or their profile page, within the late cancelation period, they will be marked as late cancelled. The difference is that when the action is performed by a user of Clubworx (rather than the member via the app) you will be given the option to waive the late fee. 

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