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How to quickly book clients into appointments

Use your appointment types to quickly add appointments and save lots of time on bookings.

Updated over a week ago

Once you have set up your appointment types you can now quickly add appointments for your clients directly from their profile page, or the calendar page. 

Adding appointments from the profile page of your contact. 

1. Navigate to the profile page of the prospect or member that you are creating the appointment for and click on their Attendance tab. From here, you'll see an orange + add button. Click on this and select Add Appointment

2. Now you can select one of the predefined appointment types that you have created earlier. Once you have selected an appointment type, you will see that the fields below this are populated automatically with that types configuration. 

Please note, you can adjust any of these fields at this stage and it will not affect the original appointment type template. The changes will only apply to the booking you are creating.

If the booking is recurring, you will need to click on the Set Appointment Recurrence link and set this. 

You will notice that the contact is automatically selected into the booking. You can continue to add more members to the booking if you need.

Once you've made any required adjustments, simply save the booking. 

You will now see the booking under the attendance tab for the contact. 

Adding appointments from the Calendar.

1. Navigate to your calendar and click on the + Add button at the top right of the page. From here, select Add Appointment

The process for adding the appointment is just like adding it from the client's profile page described above. 

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