Booking members into events

In Clubworx you can book your members/clients into one of your events as well as multiple events that are scheduled as recurring events.

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Once you have created events in your calendar you are able to book your members into the scheduled events. 

From the event

The 'Event Detail' page will be presented when you click on an event in the calendar. You can search for members to book into the event using the field under 'Add attendees to event'. As you begin typing their name, the member's name will appear. Click on their name to book them into the class. 

Booking Members into multiple events in a series

If the event has been set up as a recurring event or a series, you will be presented with additional booking options once you click on the name. Here you will have the option to select whether you would like to add the member to only this specific event, or a specified number of events in the series, or all future events scheduled in the series.

The booking is successful once you can see the member's name under the 'Add attendees to event' section.

If the booking was unsuccessful and does not appear in the 'Record of Attendance' section, you can read through this article to see why.

From the member profile

You can also book a member into an event by going to the 'Attendance' tab in their profile. On the attendance page, you can select 'Add' and 'Add event' to add a booking for the member.

Clicking on the event text box will display your calendar to allow you to choose the appropriate event for the booking. You can select the attendance of the member has already attended the event, or leave it as is if the event is in the future.

Additional helpful video for setting up events and booking members:

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