Using the Mobile App for Families

How families can use the mobile app to book in everyone with one log in!

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Awesome news on a much requested feature: Families are now able to manage all of their family member bookings in the one place using our new mobile app! This feature can be turned on and off as required - So if there are family members who'd rather go solo, that's no problem either!

Once family are linked in Clubworx (either manually or through waivers) you will be able to see the links in the "Family Members" section of each profile.

Scroll up and head to the "Mobile App" tab on the profile:

Scroll down to give this contact access to manage their family members from their mobile app log in:

This means when the contact is logged in they will be able to:

  • Book events for that contact (if a member)

  • Cancel events for that contact (if a member)

  • Add/remove the member from waitlists (if applicable)

  • See workouts for that member (if applicable)

  • See styles/ranks for that member (Martial Arts gyms)

  • Purchase memberships for the member

  • Manage existing memberships for the member

  • See payment history for this member/non-attending contact

If you have any further questions or queries about how families can manage themselves from one log in within the app, or would just like more information on the app - Please contact the support team at!

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