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Encourage your members to engage with the Member App
Encourage your members to engage with the Member App

You've set up your Mobile app and invited your members, now what?Encourage your members to download and use the Clubworx Member app.

Written by Jessica Berry
Updated over a week ago

To get the most out of your Clubworx or White Label Mobile app, it is important that you are encouraging your members to download and use the app. If your members are not engaging with the app, they are less likely to receive push notifications or benefit from convenient features like Booking management, Workouts, Proximity Check in or Membership management.

Here are some tips for keeping your Members engaged with the Mobile app!

1. Follow up on those App invitations!

Once you have sent your Mobile App Invitations , make sure that you are checking to see if you members are accepting the invitations and using the app.

The easiest way to do this, is via the bulk app changes report. Go to Settings > Mobile App > Bulk Contact Changes.

This page allows you to filter by Invite Status and resend the invitations to the members whose invitations might have expired before they had the chance to accept them. You can then select those members and use the option at the top right to resent the Mobile App Invitation email.

2. Tell your Members all about it! (And Maybe remind them a few times?)

The Bulk Contact Changes page can also be used to send messages to your members, letting them know about the great advantages of using the Mobile App.

In case you need a reminder, the Mobile App gives your member the freedom to:

  • Manage their own bookings, or the bookings of their family members.

  • Receive Push notifications to stay up to date with importation information

  • Purchase memberships

  • Check in to their classes using Proximity Check In

  • Complete Workouts

  • See their information such as Contact information and Grading information.

    This list is only continuing to grow!

Letting your members know the benefits of using the Mobile App, is a great way to remind them to take those steps to accept their app invitation, download the app and log in!

3. Help Them Get Used to Using Something New

Some people adapt better to change than others, so we have provided a tutorial video that you can share with your members to make the transition easier. Please click here to view and share our How To Guide for using the Clubworx Mobile App.

4. Make the Member App an integral part of your business

Incorporating the Mobile App into the everyday running of your business can help to engage your members.

Using Push Notifications is a great way to send notifications, promote competitions and deals or even send personalised communications to your members. Make your headlines catchy, so that your members click to read the rest of the message!

Reminding your members to book and check in via the Mobile App during classes, or have signage around your premises to promote this new routine.

Next time your member needs to purchase a new membership, remind them how easy it is to do from the Memberships tab of the Mobile App.

Provide fun and engaging content to help your members perfect their technique, improve their mindset, or take on a challenge. Providing video content through Workouts is a great way to add value to your members experience.

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