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Martial Arts Module - Styles and Ranks
Martial Arts Module - Styles and Ranks

Managing your students' progressions within their style is simple and easy.

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For more information on gradings, styles & ranks, you can check out this article.

Setting up Styles

To set up a new style select Gradings then + Add style:

On the New Style page, you can set the name for each belt, add a colour that will show in your roll call and class kiosk mode, then set the conditions for that rank.

Please note that the conditions you set beside the belt name are the conditions required to reach the belt that the conditions are beside. It is mandatory that each rank after the first one requires conditions to be set.  

In this case, there are no conditions needed to meet criteria for white belt, but to get to yellow belt the student would need to have attended 5 classes or more since the last grading.

Adding styles to members

Once your styles and ranks have been created you can add styles to your members' profile.

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