Navigating your CoachRx Dashboard

Learn more on how to navigate your CoachRx Dashboard.

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The CoachRx dashboard is a central hub where coaches can effectively manage their coaching activities and monitor client progress. This article will provide an in-depth overview of the dashboard's various sections and features. By understanding each component, coaches can optimize their time, track key metrics, stay connected with clients, and make informed decisions to enhance their coaching effectiveness.

1. The Coach Dashboard: Your Command Center

The coach dashboard serves as the primary hub for coaches to access essential tools and information. Apart from managing client schedules and the CoachRx platform, coaches will spend the majority of their time on this page.

2. Metrics Section: Tracking Key Performance Indicators

At the top of the page, coaches will find the metrics session section. This area provides valuable insights into key performance indicators. The metrics displayed include:

a. Total Clients Compliance: This metric indicates the number of clients currently being coached within CoachRx.

b. Consult Rate: It calculates the percentage of clients who have had consultations in the past 60 days, compared to the total client list.

c. RX Insights: This section provides exercise and lifestyle insights, including the total number of exercise programs, average exercise programs per week, total workouts prescribed, workouts prescribed this week, average workouts per client per week, total lifestyle programs, and lifestyle programs prescribed this week.

3. Monitoring Coaches in an Organization

If you are an organizational owner or admin, you can access the metrics for each coach within your organization. This feature allows you to analyze individual coach performance by observing the same metrics mentioned earlier.

4. Exercise and Lifestyle Compliance

Coaches can track compliance rates for exercise and lifestyle prescriptions. Compliance percentages are calculated based on the total exercise and lifestyle prescriptions assigned. The time ranges include all-time, 90 days, 30 days, and seven days.

5. Touch Points: Enhancing Client Communication

The touch points feature helps coaches monitor their communication frequency with clients. A touch point refers to any direct message or comment made on a client's exercise or lifestyle programs. By default, the system aims for at least one touch point per client. Coaches can adjust this setting to meet their organizational or individual goals.

6. Notes and Reminders: Efficient Client Management

Coaches can access their clients' notes and reminders directly from the dashboard. Notes are pulled from client calendars for the next seven days. Coaches can also add notes and reminders on the spot by selecting the client, specifying the date, adding the content, and saving the information. These notes and reminders will appear on the client's calendar accordingly.

7. Activity Feed: Stay Connected and Informed

The activity feed section allows coaches to review exercise, lifestyle, and weekly check-ins for all clients or a specific client. This feature ensures coaches remain updated on client progress, enabling them to provide timely feedback and support.

The CoachRx dashboard provides coaches with a comprehensive set of tools and insights to effectively manage their coaching activities. By leveraging the metrics section, monitoring coach performance, tracking compliance, optimizing touch points, and utilizing the notes, reminders, and activity feed features, coaches can enhance their effectiveness, improve client engagement, and achieve better outcomes. Understanding the CoachRx dashboard's functionalities empowers coaches to take control of their coaching practice and deliver exceptional results.

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