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CoachRx Platform WalkthroughWelcome to CoachRx! Check out this comprehensive walkthrough.
Using CoachRx for Group Fitness GymsUsing CoachRx's Live Program Feature for Group Fitness Gyms
Custom Client ReportsLearn more about creating custom client reports
FMEsWhat are Fitness Monitoring Exercises?
Messaging Support AvailableChat Support Available
CoachRx GuideDownload our guide to read more about how to use CoachRx features and more and get familiar .
How to Access Exercise History from Outside Platforms in CoachRx
CoachRx: Best PracticesWant to learn more about best practices?
Language Availability for CoachRxWhat language(s) is CoachRx available in?
Onboarding Clients with CoachRxNew to CoachRx? Take a look through our video library for some helpful videos!
Importing ClientsHow do I import clients from another platform?
Need help? Contact us!Need help reporting a bug or submitting a help ticket?
Coaches PageLearn more on how to navigate your Coaches page in CoachRx.
Updating/Managing Your Client ProfilesLearn more on how to update your client profile!
Client RemindersLearn more about the client reminders feature.
Client PageLearn more about your client's page.
Client WorkoutsHow does a client see their assigned workout in the CoachRx app?
Equipment Updating/ManagementLearn more on how to access your client's equipment list.
Client PrioritiesLearn more on how to assign/remove client priorities.
Training Schedule Updating/ManagementLearn more on how to use training scheduling in CoachRx.
Exporting WorkoutsLearn more on how to export your client's workouts from the calendar to a text document with these simple directions.
How To Add ClientsWatch a quick video to learn how to add clients to your CoachRx account.
Navigating your CoachRx DashboardLearn more on how to navigate your CoachRx Dashboard.
Managing your client profileLearn more on managing your client profiles.
Client CalendarLearn all about your client calendar and how to create a workout.
How do I resend a client invite?Sent an invite to your client, but they didn't get it?
Assessment & Fitness MonitoringLearn more on assessment & fitness monitoring in CoachRx.
ConsultationsLearn more about Consultations and CoachRx.
Coach AppLearn more about the CoachRx Coach app!
Lifestyle PlanningWatch and learn more on lifestyle planning in CoachRx.
Shortcut KeysEfficiency is here. Learn more with shortcut keys!
Notes & DocumentsLearn more on Note and Documents in CoachRx.
Notifications PageLearn more about your CoachRx notifications page.
CoachRx IndexLearn more about your CoachRx index page!
Managing your coach profileLearn more about managing your coach profile in CoachRx.
Messaging in CoachRxLearn more about messaging in CoachRx.
Planning/PeriodizationWatch the short tutorial video below to familiarize yourself with the planning and periodizing section of CoachRx.
OPEX Body, Move, WorkWatch a video to learn how to take your clients through their initial assessment.
CoachRx Data Processing AddendumNeed the CoachRx Data Processing Addendum? Click here to access it!
Transferring Clients within CoachRxLearn more about how to transfer clients within CoachRx
Managing Your CoachRx SubscriptionNeed to update, upgrade or downgrade your CoachRx subscription?
CoachRx BetaJoin the CoachRx Beta today!
Where can I find the client app onboard video for my clients?