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With CoachRx, coaches can get rid of yet another costly, disconnected platform and better systematize their coaching business with Contracts/Waivers!

This feature allows coaches to create contract and waiver templates to send to their clients, allows their clients to execute the agreements, and stores the agreement right here in-platform.
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In the fast-paced world of coaching, efficient contract and waiver management is crucial for both coaches and their clients. CoachRx, a cutting-edge platform, offers a streamlined solution that allows coaches to create, send, and store contracts and waivers seamlessly. This article will guide you through the process of utilizing CoachRx's contract and waiver features effectively.

Organize Your Information

Before sending out contracts and waivers, it is important to ensure that your organization's information is up to date. CoachRx enables coaches to personalize their contracts and waivers by including their organization logo, name, and footer. To update this information, simply access the settings, navigate to organization info, and make the necessary modifications.

Create Contract Templates

Creating contract templates on CoachRx is a straightforward process. Start by clicking on the "Create" button. Next, provide a suitable title for your contract or waiver. Then, enter the content or body of the agreement, which outlines the information your client will be agreeing to. This step essentially defines the terms and conditions of the contract or waiver.

Sending Contracts and Waivers

To send a contract or waiver to a client, locate the three dots icon and click on it. From the options that appear, select "Send Contract." In the prompted field, enter the name of the client to whom you wish to send the document. Once you click "Send," the contract or waiver is on its way to the recipient.

Client Verification and Execution

Upon receiving the email, the client will find a verification code and a link to access the contract or waiver. The client should copy the verification code and proceed to click the provided link. The verification code needs to be entered to validate the client's identity. Once validated, the contract or waiver will appear on the client's screen.

Client Signature and Storage

Now it's time for the client to sign the contract or waiver. After reviewing the document, the client can digitally sign and save it. Once the client saves the document, both the client and the coach will receive a copy of the executed contract or waiver. Additionally, a copy of the contract or waiver will be stored in the coach's "Sent" folder within the CoachRx platform.

CoachRx's contract and waiver management feature offers coaches a seamless process for creating, sending, and storing important agreements. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, coaches can efficiently manage their contracts and waivers while providing a user-friendly experience for their clients. Embrace the power of CoachRx and simplify your coaching practice today!


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