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Concreit's Referral Program is a way for you and yours to earn even more while investing in Concreit. For every friend you refer who makes an investment with Concreit, we'll give you AND your friend a referral reward. Refer another friend, same thing.

Referring a friend is easy:

  1. Invite friends to the Concreit investor community by sending them your unique link. To get your unique link tap on Referrals (top right icon).

  2. Simply copy the link and share with friends and family via text, email, etc.

  3. When your referral sets up their own Investor Account and transfers money in, you will each receive your reward.

When does the reward get applied to my account?

You and each friend that completes all referral requirements will both earn a referral reward to boost future payouts. Rewards are automatically applied to your account as a Dividend Bonus. If you're a new investor, please wait for your investment to complete (1-2 weeks) before earning your first dividend.

We can apply up to 1% of your overall investment balance in rewards to dividends. If that does not deplete your rewards balance, we continue to apply to each weekly dividend, up to 1% of your investment balance, until it is zeroed out.

  • For example, if you have a rewards balance, you could earn up to 1% more than Concreit's standard payout rate. If Concreit's latest rate is 6.5%, rewards can boost your return up to 7.5% each week.

Can I redeem referral rewards?

Rewards are platform rewards and cannot be withdrawn or cashed out. To participate in the referral program, all investors must qualify for the referral program and make an investment. Click here to see all eligibility requirements and program details.

Have questions about rewards? See our Rewards Program FAQ below:

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