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Concreit offers rewards to investors as a way to net higher weekly returns and accelerates a long-term investing strategy.

Everyone is eligible and enrollment is automatic.

Not only is enrollment automatic, if you've earned a Dividend Bonus, it is automatically applied to your weekly dividend payouts. This is one of the ways that Concreit makes it easier for you to maximize your earning potential.

Ways to Earn

There are two ways to earn a Dividend Bonus:

  • Instant Earn - With Instant Earn, you automatically earn a Dividend Bonus while you wait for your investment to close. Instant Earn treats your money like it was fully invested, accruing at the same rate as the latest dividend rate*.

  • Referrals - When you refer a friend, both you and your friend can earn a Dividend Bonus. See our app and website for the latest referral promotions and program requirements.

Track reward activities and see your Dividend Bonuses earned, paid out, and available via Rewards Activity screen under Account Settings.

Dividend Bonus

Any Dividend Bonus you earn is automatically added to your weekly dividends and can boost your weekly payout. We automatically apply the maximum Dividend Bonus amount each week until it is fully paid out. Dividend payouts, including Bonus amounts, are automatically reinvested.

Instant Earn πŸš€

With Instant Earn, the moment you place an investment, you start earning, even before your money reaches Concreit. While you wait for a new investment to close, or for a dividend to be reinvested, you accrue rewards equal to the latest dividend rate.

After your investment is finalized, rewards are utilized as a Dividend Bonus to boost your next scheduled dividend.

*Note if an investment is canceled, any Dividend Bonus accrued during the investing period is forfeited.

Referrals πŸ‘₯

For each friend that completes all referral requirements, you both earn a Dividend Bonus. You can earn up to $500 in Dividend Bonuses per year by referring friends. Check the app for the latest referral promotion details.

If you have any other questions about Concreit's Rewards Program, please don't hesitate to reach out!

*Concreit declares weekly dividend rates and are subject to change based on available profits from the fund.

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