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How are rewards utilized on my account?
How are rewards utilized on my account?
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We designed our Rewards Program to support and complement a long-term investment strategy. Rewards can be earned through investing and referrals. These are platform rewards and are automatically redeemed each week through a Dividend Bonus. We apply a portion of your available rewards to each dividend payment. The Dividend Bonus can boost weekly dividend payments by up to 1% of your annualized investment balance.

Each week that there is a regular dividend payout scheduled, Concreit checks to see if you have a Dividend Bonus amount available and automatically applies it to your payout, boosting your personal return beyond Concreit standard payout amount.*

  • Go to Account Settings > Account Activity > Dividend Details to see your personal payout rate for a recent dividend.

You can withdraw your principal investment and any payouts at any time, but your reward balance is may not be withdrawn until after it is paid out as a Dividend Bonus.

I have a bonus available balance. How do I invest it?

We'll automatically apply your rewards balance (the amount next to the green lightning bolt) as a Bonus to your next dividend payout, giving you the opportunity to up your payout rate by up to 1% - a great way to boost your returns! That bonus amount will stick around until the whole reward balance you've earned is paid out.

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