Instant Earn is a program that ensures your investment is continuously working for you starting the moment you make an investment commitment and including the brief period between receiving a dividend and its reinvestment.

What is the Instant Earn rate?

The Instant Earn rate is equal to Concreit's latest dividend rate*. Instant Earn will be equivalent to the dividend distribution rate net of fees of the time the investment is created.

Please visit the portfolio section of the app or visit our website to view the latest annualized returns.

What investments are eligible for Instant Earn?

All new investments that have not been completed are eligible for Instant Earn. This applies to one-time and auto-invest investment amounts. In addition, dividend reinvestments are eligible for Instant Earn.

When is Instant Earn triggered and active?

Instant Earn is earned during the period between initiating an investment and its closing. Instant Earn is activated the moment you make a new investment or when you receive a new dividend. Instant Earn is active until the new investment or reinvestment is completed.

After the investment is completed, Instant Earn will be redeemed for you automatically as a dividend bonus.

How does this affect my return rate?

The dollar amount of Instant Earn is applied as credits toward Concreit's 100bps (1%) asset management fee. This reduces the portion of the fees that are deducted from your weekly dividend. The result is Instant Earn increases your net dividend amount and personal return rate for a given week.

Why did we create this program?

ACH transactions and closings involve multiple parties, each adding to the time it takes to complete a transaction. Instead of waiting for funds to clear, your money starts working for you the moment an investment is initiated.

Does this apply to everyone?

Yes! All Concreit investors qualify for the Instant Earn program as long as an investment has been created.

For more information, please click here.

*Concreit declares weekly dividend rates and are subject to change based on available profits from the fund.

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