First off, what is a Custom Scheduler?

A customer scheduler can best be defined as a way to set up a scheduler for a certain subset of Courts or to run a separate operating schedule.


  • Want to see Indoor Courts and Outside Courts separated.

  • Want to offer a different operating schedule for a different set of courts.

  • Direct your users more specifically in the Member Portal.


Click the CREATE NEW button.

Fill out the details.  

  • Scheduler Name (Internal Only)

  • Navigational Name - This is what the users will see.  You want to do something like "Book a Tennis Court" or "Book Pickleball Courts"

  • Allowed Reservation Types - This setting is to restrict the scheduler to certain reservation types.

  • Scheduler Type - Choose whether you want this view to be a "consolidated" or "expanded" format.  Consolidated is recommended for any courts over eight.

  • Court Types - Choose if you want a certain type of court(s) on the scheduler.

  • Is Private - This will only show the calendar to the person creating it.

  • Show On Member Portal - Check this if you want the scheduler visible to members.

  • Show on Admin Side - Check this if you want the scheduler visible to all admins.

  • Show Times on Reserve Button - Check this if you want the times visible on the reservation slots.

  • Show Custom Scheduler From/To Dates - This allows you to show the scheduler for a specific date range (IE: Winter Scheduler, Summer Scheduler, etc)

  • Scheduler Starting/Ending Reservation Dates - This allows you to control what the start date and end date are over the scheduler.  

Lastly, you want to set the OPERATING HOURS of this schedule.

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